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As with just about every place I go in Cancun, the staff is very nice. No exception here. We did the Prestige package and there were 5 or 6 boats in our flotilla. Of the 5 Prestige boats, 2 or 3 of them broke down at different points. For me, I was riding alone and it was not comfortable. I suggest not riding alone. The gas tank must be on the same side i electricity bill com as the steering wheel, and the balance was bad. The less expensive boats seem to have better flotation, but those boats have no ladder to climb up out of the water. With moderate winds and a strong current, it can be exhausting. The snorkeling was gas stoichiometry practice good with clear water and lots of fish. I found no benefit or fun taking a beating in those little boats on rougher waters. 2/3 of the trip is driving the boats back and forth from the snorkeling place. Suggest that you launch from Playa Tortuga and not at Sunrise. Lastly, the $5 per boat for insurance. LOL. I bought it, but these things look like someone took a hammer to them already. Pass on the insurance. Despite the effort of the staff I would look elsewhere. More Show less

Booked through their agent at InterContinental Cancun and two hours later we were on the boat. Easily accessible with local busses that run every couple of minutes on Kukulcan Blvd. Overall nice experience, helpful guide, who showed us a few of the underwater museum’s (MUSA) nearby sculptures and interesting sea creatures as well as big fishes. It was the best place to start using my new GoPro so I was happy as a child in kindergarten. Really nice reef and amazing fish o gastronomo buffet to look at. They also serve complimentary pizza and soft drinks when you’re back at the marina. (Don’t expect artisan food obvs) A few things to be aware of though: 1) There won’t be any shade at any time for static electricity diagram about 2-3 hours so you’ll be in constant sun – get biodegradable suncare (though no one checks what you’re wearing, it’s good for the reef and the environment – I hope!), which you can buy from the shop at Sunrise’s reception. 2) No safe or waterproof storage in the boat, so only bring things that you’re fine to get wet, including phones, t-shirts or other clothing. Everything else can be stored in the small locker you’re given at the marina before you depart. 3) There’s no ladder to get back onto the boat from the sea after snorkelling, and it’s tricky to pull yourself up even with the help of the guide! I did fairly quickly, though had a few bruises and bleeding scars as I couldn’t do it properly due to my previously injured wrists… So if you’re not fit / healthy enough, I’d make sure that they have a ladder for you before the start of your journey.

My sister and I were looking for a short day tour on our last full day in Cancun 66 gas station. One of the representatives recommend a boat rental/ snorkel tour. Unfortunately gas after eating eggs because of the wind the snorkel was cancelled but we decided to make the best of what we had ( the boat) and went for it. From the minute we walked into Sunset Marina we had a great experience. Giovanni was the first person we came in contact with while at Sunset. His customer service was ABOVE and BEYOND. He answered all my silly questions and concerned and helped ease my doubts of me operating a boat on my own. Once we walked downstairs we met with the staff that would assist us to our life vest. The older gentleman ( Im sorry I did not catch his name) was funny electricity news in nigeria and very outgoing.I loved that he has a sense of humor. Last, Johnny our guide. I liked that while we were out on the water he would frequently look back and check on me to make sure we were doing ok. The weather was very windy which made for a lot of waves. That was our best part. My sister and I loved every moment of this excursion. I HIGHLY recommend it for someone who has never operated a boat before. Thank you to all the staff at Marina Sunrise.