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I attended Salomon’s for my prom and was overall really disappointed with the service. To start the staff were not welcoming and were just unpleasant to be around. Food was average, our table were the last to receive bread and by the time we did others were already eating there starters. The service was extremely slow with dishes coming out randomly, very unorganised. All of us received our main apart from one and had to wait an extra ten minutes for it come. Staff looked like they didn’t know what they were doing and the lady in the middle of the hall with her folder looked a bit over whelmed. There was no replacement of water on the tables so when we went to the bar to get a drink they randomly shut the bar, and when I asked why they called security… I also watched a young boy being aggressively handled by 3 security men when this could have been resolved with one. We had to wait around with lack of seating or places to socialise for over an hour for the tables to be cleared for the dance floor at which the tables had just been shoved to the sides of the hall with very little space to move past. Overall was a very disappointing end to my year 13, many of us felt the same and will not be returning or recommending this place to anyone. More Show less

Firstly I would like to say the gardena of salomons estate is absolutely beautiful. We got here i had booked a double room but was given a twin room when I said I actually booked a double room they were apologetic but could now not give me a double room because they were all now taken for. Anyway they put the two beds together and made it into a double for us and it actually was better and a bigger than a double one only problem was we were right next to a path were people were walking passed and you could here everything so this room which was room 6 was a noisy room . So when we went back to our room to go to bed when the rest of them left the wedding venueand must of been in the same block as ours the noise was terrible so for me try and get a quiterroom if they have any. They also did not have enough staff on to cater for the wedding but i have to say the best worker by far was a young boy called ELLIOT. So many of the wedding people complemented on his service. I actually asked him his name and I told he that he is a credit to the company of salomons estate. This young boy was working so hard he was equivalent to two of how the others were working. The rooms are clean. The wedding food was very lovely. This estate is not adequate for anyone who is disabled as the rooms are up a steep hill from the actually salomons estate. Would u stay here again unless I get a quiter room then no but the settings around the estate is just stunning. For breakfastwe had a lovely english breakfast but we had to call someone as there as no one to tell them that half of what we on at breakfast was empty so when we got there at 8am which by the way still had another couple of hours to go before the breakfast shut ,there was no eggs or beans left so I actually waited for five mins thinking someone will probably be just going toget them that’s why no one was around but no when I did see someone I actually had to ask could you please get some more eggs and beans as they are empty. All I say is for the setting and for the service of the young boy Elliot I can say 10/10 for them. I have placed an image of one of the views of part of the garden area of the estate