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Comments: My 1999 996 C2 Cab, 97K miles has a leak in the area of Fig. 4 above. Very tough to pin point, but looks to be in the area by the purple and red arrows. I cleaned the area and I now see a couple of drops on the anti-roll bar. The fluid does not appear to be motor oil, too light weight and sort of light brownish color. What’s the possible leak source and/or type of fluid? Note, I check oil level every day or so, stays at full mark over 2 to 3K miles. Over past 3 years I’ve changed oil every 3K miles. Cut open 4 filters, always really clean.

Comments: Hi, I have a 2005 997. I noticed the engine compartment fan cut in, and stayed on for my drive home from work. I drove again the following day to see if the problem was still there, the fan was off but cut in once up to temperature, and cut out again … Once again I took the car out that evening and noticed my oil temperature was not at its normal rock steady 90deg, but fluctuated between 92 100 deg.

Comments: driving my 2000 996, temp 90C, but temp light flashes, cannot hear the radiator fans. Car starts and drives normally, fuses okay, rad level okay but after reaching operating temp 90C, light flashing….could both front rad relays both faulty?

Comments: My 997 C2 has just had an engine rebuild and is showing signes of overfueling on both sides. There are no errors recorded and the MAS has been changed with no affect. Is it possible to check the Coolant Heat Senor or is it just better to replace it as the engine behaviour suggest that the ECU thinks the engine is cold.

Followup from the Pelican Staff: The instrument cluster should show you the temperature as recorded by the coolant temperature sensor. Is it somewhere in the 180 F range when warmed up?? What signs are you seeing? That sensor when bad usually sets a fault and causes a no start when warmed up, and trying to restart. – Casey at Pelican Parts

Comments: I have a 996 99′ with oil and coolant mixed. I cleaned all hoses and radiators but when you turned on the car the preassure gauge goes up to 5 but when the car is hot the preassure went down below 1 and the oil light turned on. This is my question, it is possible that some engine components still have remainings of the chocolate milk?

Comments: having a problem with 2002 porsche 996. there is no response for throttle even when the accelerator pedal is floored. checked fault codes found fault logged for DVE Fault.when inputs are observed the value changes for accelerator pedal sensor but throttle vale remains closed. fault codes are ‘P1502 DVE fault during spring test’, ‘P1504 DVE fault necessary intake air position. swapped the sespected throttle body to a good car found working fine, but not working in problematic vehicle. pls advise

Comments: i have a 2006 porsche 911 3.6 liter c4 i recently changed the left radiator. while testing for leaks the engine temp guage stopped registering but it keeps flashing in the red zone. I have 2 questions the first is since i am trying to replenish all the coolant will the radiators open up when the engine gets hot so i can fill the system or will they remain closed endangering my engine through overheat. secondly how har is it to test/replace the temp guage sensor//

Followup from the Pelican Staff: No, depending on the bank, the right side sensor can be replaced by removing some components, it is on top of the cylinder in the front corner. The left side sensor requires more disassembling, the intake manifold cross-over pipes have to be removed and the crankcase breather.