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Comments: I’m a 4 day proud owner of ’74 2.0 914. Drove it home 1300 miles and loved it. Now as I start to research, I wondering where is the best information I can get on all my gauges? There are five circular clusters in the dash and 3 in my center console.

I just read through the forum regarding the 914’s. Great info. If I may, I’m looking at getting a 1975 1.8 that looks to be in pretty good shape, however after reading your blog I’m not thinking the 1.8 is a good idea. Other than the forum comments about vacuum leaks and backfiring, should I stay away from the 1.8’s. I live in Montana and I’m looking at a car in California. Is it possible to remove the smog equipment and solve some of the issues with the 1.8. We have no smog requirements up here.

Followup from the Pelican Staff: The 1.8 is a fine choice. One thing to keep in mind. It is against US regulations to remove smog equipment from an engine. I would try to find something that fits the era of your model, with no smog controls. If you are looking for that feature. – Nick at Pelican Parts

Comments: I’m considering a 1975 914 in Burgundy with a cream interior being sold by a car dealer in Syosset NY. It’s a 1.7 liter and a beauty with only 17,567 miles on it. The interior is all original. Virtually no wear. I haven’t seen it in person but the extensive pictures show no rust. the vin is 4752901632. The car was repainted it’s original color at some point, but it was a quality job so it looks factory.

My question is: Since the car is from a dealer too far away for me to bring it to for regular service, and I live in a condo with garage parking but can’t work on the car according to condo rules, would you recommend I find a good independent mechanic, or spend the extra cash to go to a Porsche dealer for tune ups and valve adjustments. I make 6 figures, so I have the cash, just want to treat this baby as well as she has been all these years.

Comments: miss stated what my problem can,t get targa top off stuck sitting outside 3yrs do i need to use silicone lubricant needs headliner great info complete and no b/s also given with no .pressure to buy anything a big plus iwll be buying as soon as isee what parts i need again wonderfull reading material look forward to picking up more knowledge from future and felow 914 owners thanks again

Comments: I was recently given an 1973 914 1.7 taking it too a shop to see what mechanical issues it has no rust in the front boot or rear trunk after reading your notes i did see rust on batt.tray otherwise body is straight my problem is getting the targa top cars been sitting for 3yrs. seems stuck dont want too damage it also do you know what material the head liner is made of and does pelican offer it for sale

Comments: With regards to the cooling flaps. They also aid in the engines ability to quickly and evenly warm the engine up on cold mornings. When the engine is cold the flaps prevent air from flowing thru the oil cooler and cylinders. As the engine warms up the thermostat will open and allow the flaps to open gradually until the full open position.

Comments: thanks for the tips I just bought 1971 914-4 out of main .usa 78 is last inspection. she was away for over 20 years good shape to me turning over fire to the plugs no fire to the fuel pump serching for wire break down what direction

Comments: Great read on a great car. I owned from new a deluxe version 1.7 liter 914/4 in lime green. I changed the rims to four spoke alloys sourced from Pasadena Porsche dealer and put Porsche alloy center caps in the wheels, plain. I put 94,000 miles on the car in four years and raced it once in a PCA Willow springs Novice event and managed 5th out of 11; I was penalized for hitting Chicane pylons otherwise would have been third. I drove that car hard with top on and off all the time. The car never complained and never vapor locked and was always returning 34 mpg on the road and 23 mpg or better around town. That car just never quit. Parting with it was mandatory at the time. Wish I still had it. Zioo

I’m in the market and torn between buying a 914 that’s near mint and paying up for it… Going middle of the road and enjoying why I upgrade when repairs are necessary… or find one where all of the serial numbers match and buying it cheaply enough to have my awesome back yard mechanic do it for me… any advice

Comments: I picked up two 914s this last weekend, a ’73 1.8 and a ’76 2.0 "Parts Car". After a close inspection I think I can get them both going with some part seaches and a bit of patience. I love the way the 914 looks and bet they’ll leak a bit of oil on the garage floor just like my ’66 Mini.