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Statistics would ordinarily show that the RX350 leads hands down due to its fuel management and ground clearance BUT for me the design gets very boring and flat after a while. Maintaining a Porsche Cayenne in Nigeria might prove to be a challenge when it comes to parts BUT how many of it do you see faulty lying around, I dont know about the BMW X3 as an option BUT I will go for the BMW X5 anyday – the parts are there and it remains sturdy and that design/looks is always catchy especially when well taken care of. The Audi Q5 is very cute and unique (It stands out) and sincerely is a winner here – the cost is an issue though (especially maintenance). For me, The Acura MDX is a mistake from the "luxury" arm (or is it leg) of Honda – you are better off with a Honda Pilot (The 09/10 is simply out of this world).

But locally, there is a place at Owode Onirin where you can take the statistics of high-end fragile vehicles – there, you will see close to brand new of these vehicles faulty and that will tell you which model is prone to faults and which is not: Most common is the VW Touareg (Its a disaster), next is the Audi A4, A6 (Mostly transmission issues) then so many VW Jetta and Passat models (transmission and engine). You wont see a Porsche Cayenne there, No X5, No G Wagon, a few H2 (Overheating and dead engines), No Landcruisers.

whats really wrong here is the lack of information on what exactly you want here?If you are looking at the very high end SUVs,gas mileaga is not a factor,they are all gas guzzlers unless you would want a hybrid which only the Lexus offers in the RX400h.Secondly,you are asking about cost of maintenance?They all will be relatively expensive,they ARE luxury models no matter how you look at it.Now if you go into the mid range price level you would be looking at the Honda Pilot/Nissan pathfinder/Murano,Toyota 4Runner.do you prefer a a smaller SUV?Do you want better offroad capa bility?do you need 5 seats or 8 seats?do you prefer luxury or utility?you have to consider all of these.

my recommendation is the Toyota 4Runner,simple but comfy,very capable offroad even with huge boulders and potholes,enough power in its v8 engine,doesn’t stand out as a robbery magnet, compared to luxury brand/decent gas mileage/seats 5, average size, Toyota parts are plenty in naija, 4runners have been built for over 15 yrs,as opposed to some of the newer flaky SUV’s/great resale value Re: Porsche Cayenne vs Lexus RX350 vs BMW X3 Vs Audi Q5 vs Acura MDX by Undispu3rd( m): 5:28pm On Jun 01, 2010

I see a lot of people letting their hearts rule their heads – a Porsche Cayenne will not be the best option, based on the years it’s to be used, and in Nigeria too. We’re talking a country where "mechanics" go pale at the sight of a 1998 Toyota Camry V6 engine. How then will they cope with a V6 / V8 stuffed into a large, luxurious German SUV? Buying a Porsche Cayenne is great, but could be expensive, for most bar those that do their own wrenching.

My choice (for someone who’s not mechanically inclined) would be the Lexus RX350. It’s luxurious enough to give driving pleasure to a lot of users, and far less bland (on the inside) compared to the much more expensive Porsche. With Toyota’s legendary reputation for reliability, it’ll be easier on the wallet too, and will present less head scratching for Nigerian techs, when it comes to repairs and servicing.

As most on here know, my choice will always be German, but that’s my job – repairing, servicing and upgrading the German marques; so I wouldn’t have any issues with the technical aspects. I also love performance, so don’t mind if my choice will gulp massive amounts of fuel, compared to the lighter, and less refined Japanese equivalents. The original poster was quite clear in his criteria:

The Porsche wouldn’t fit within the last two criteria; the engines are high compression (the lowest is 11.6:1 CR) and it is mandatory that fuel with at least 99 RON is used, if expensive engine failure is to be avoided. Of course, one can use octane boosters, but in 5 years, the costs would soon mount up. As per maintainance, I’ve already touched upon that. The Lexus however, would tick all the boxes.