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I purchased this blower to replace a Black and Decker Ni-Cad powered blower. The B&D blower was good, but no comparison to this one. This thing is very powerful and runs for an extended period of time on a charge. The biggest and best feature stems from the fact that it utilizes a powerful 40 volt, two ampere hour Lithium Ion battery as opposed to the old school ni-cad battery. The old ni-cad batteries lose charge (2-3 percent a day) just sitting on the shelf and have a tendency to fade as the charge is diminished during use. Not the case with this blower. It maintains its full fade free power until the battery is completely discharged. Also, the battery will fully recharge in about an hour as opposed to 9-10 for the ni-cad. version. I must also add that you can "top off" the battery after use without the need to fully discharge prior to recharging the battery. It is also compatible with the GreenWorks 4 ampere hour batteries used in their other products.

This blower is very powerful, but still much quieter than the gas powered models. And, you won’t compromise your relationship with your neighbors by using it. It is also equipped with a variable speed dial for those jobs where full power isn’t required. This blower/sweeper is light, compact and easy to store. So, for you cavemen sitting on the fence out there, get rid of the power cord and upgrade to this state of the art cordless model.

This is a great cordless blower and I regret that I didn’t get it before. Do not purchase this cordless blower if you use it to clean up your big lawn(get the gas or corded blowers) but it’s perfect to get the job done for the standard house’s front or backyard. I’ve owned several corded electrical blowers and one of these was very heavy,loud and powerful of the wind blowing from 180-290MPH and it easily blows up the golf ball like rocks like nothing on its way and needless to say about the leaves and other debris. Because it’s so powerful that it knocks down and breaks everything from porcelains to the front yard’s nursery pots even though in the lowest speeds. Another problem of the corded electrical blower that I have to purchase the big 200 feet extended electrical cord from my garage to the front yard of my house and the long electrical cord always gets stuck and jams under my parked cars wheels or jams under the front doors that makes me stop to get the cord out free from the wheels,very frustrated. It usually costs me 45 minutes to an hour to finish cleaning off my front yard every morning depends on how dirty it is. Not include I have to spend another 15-20 minutes to coil the super long extended electrical cord back to the machine and coiling it slowly to avoid tangling for the next time use. Now with this cordless Green Work blower it takes only 15 minutes to get the job done from blowing the leaves to the corner and use the broom to pick them up to the green leave recycle trash bin. I use the lowest speed on this new cordless blower and because it’s cordless that I can run around freely without stumbling on the electrical cord and pretty quick to get the job done. This powerful 40v rechargeable battery which takes only a few minutes to recharge it with memory and I’ll take 15 minutes if it’s all drained. I run it in the front yard a little over 15 minutes and it’s memory counts that it takes less than 5 minutes to get it fully charged. And this 40v liIon hi tech battery has more power and working longer for your job than the 18 or 24v blowers with the same size but shorter on working period. The machine including the battery is super lightweight and it’s very balance on hand even the 80 years old senior can handle it easily. I like the on/off power button lever on the forward of the handle and the turn forward speed radio nob like is next to my thumb for an easily control of the speeds from 1-6 speed turning wheel. I also pretty much appreciate the low noise operation of this blower and its super charged long runner lions new battery but one thing worries me that I don’t know how long this battery will last because the battery itself costs more than the blower machine. I am highly recommended on this cordless blower after using this product.