Portugal reaches 100% renewables, ends fossil fuel subsidies reneweconomy gas unlimited


The new record coincides with the move by the Portuguese government, last Tuesday, to suspend annual subsidies of around €20 million for guaranteed power supplies paid to producers – most of which goes to fossil fuel plants left in stand-by mode.

“These data, besides indicating a historical milestone in the Portuguese electricity sector, demonstrate that renewable energy can be relied upon as a secure and viable source with which to completely meet the country’s electricity demands.”

Impressive news from Portugal: #renewables produced more than 100% of the country’s electricity consumption throughout the month of March! That shows how ridiculous a 27% target for 2030 is. Who will be the next country to follow that path? #CleanEnergyEU https://t.co/feUNyBqcPK

As Euractive reports, the European Parliament, Commission and member states are currently negotiating an update to the bloc’s renewable rules, with MEPs calling for a 35 per cent renewables target, while the EU executive and national capitals favour the current target.

HI PacoBella I watched “mosh fiddleberg” claim the “AEMO has stated that NSW will face the prospect of power blackout if we let Liddell close in 2022”, which is actually correct but only if you leave out the rest of the statement “If NSW does nothing”. No wonder the mug punters in NSW believe it the lie “mosh fiddleberg ” said it was so. The Jurno are letting the main stream public think so, instead of knowing the answer before they start and putting the lies the pollies are telling on the spot. NSW has 5 wind farms approved and a different 5 Wind farm under construction, then it has how much solar under construction along with the smaller business and household solar (and how many are adding Batteries. Stan Grant did the same when he asked rural Qlds about Adani Coal Mine or Great Barrier Reef (RE employs more people that Adani ever will, except if your my fiend matti mines caravan parker with the seven new and there will be 17000 jobs for the adani mine, but fully automated also. He an economist so he must be able to add up 1 + 3 = 7 the same as my fiend the 5 minute man and we need it 1 July 2021 because it stop my mates making a killing in the market place.

When you analyse any issue relevant to Australia energy included what you very quickly establish is that it is all about money and only ever about money. As it so happens 1.7M Australians have installed Solar. If the average production per system is 8 kWh per day that would normally cost if purchased from a distributor approximately 0.30c per kWh then the value of self consumed domestic solar production would be $1,480M per annum. If the take up rate for domestic solar was say 500,000 systems added per annum then domestic solar production for self consumption [12 kWh @ 0.58c] would be worth $13,315M in 2025. Lets not forget as the price of power goes up the return on the capital originally expenses increases. And finally the business opportunity given the amount of vacant roof space both domestic and commercial where the owner can installed solar and squeeze themselves between the retailer and consumer and sell PV Production at a price significantly less than current retail. It is not a difficult sum if the value of solar sold was 6,000 kWh plus 3,000 kWh exported to the grid at 0.10102c per kWh then the gross income would be $909.18 divided by the cost of the solar system lets say $7,000 then the ROI would 12.99% [Risk Free]

I used data that was published elsewhere. The assumption was that the 1.7M included early adopters with system sizes between 1 – 1.5 kW and later adopters 5 kW and that on mix the average production for all systems would average out at 8 kWh per day. Why 5 kW well in many cases FIT is not paid on exports for system sizes in excess of 5 kW which of course changes the payback period. The other variable is that systems are throttled usually to 5 kWh in the moment export also not taken into consideration. The other assumption I believe was production was estimated at an average of 3 kWh/kW. This will vary based on the location of the system. pvoutput.org is a great place to find out what a typical system is producing around Australia in any size range. When it comes to any business opportunity there is a cost to get in and a cost to stay. Based on my own systems performance at less than 0.10c and General Tariff Price of 0.28c per kWh there is an extraordinary business opportunity yet to be realised.

Reply to Hettie and anyone else who doesn’t understand or who wishes to learn more. Take a hydro or steam/coal fired power station. The generator has to rotate at 3000rpm for 50Hz electricity – the world, or 3600rpm – America, as per law give or take .1%. This creates a steady sinusoidal wave form. The electricity produced is 50/60Hz as per the label on your jug. 50/60Hz is the fundamental wave. Quite simply: Wind turbines spin at all sorts of speeds and produce all sorts of harmonics none of which is the essential 50/60Hz fundamental wave form. A wind turbine cannot and does not work. A wind turbine cannot boil a jug. A wind farm cannot power a city. All wind farms should be shut down and court cases should be started up. In response to the comment – I am the only one saying this and I should think about that – Sites like this attract a lot of loonies. To buy into the wind turbine scam one first needs to buy into the global warming climate change CO2 is a pollutant scam. The planet is in an interglacial. In between Ice Ages or more correctly at the end of an Ice Age with another one expected as in the last 4 interglacials. We should be welcoming warmth not demonising it. Human contribution to global warming is infinitesimal. Interestingly Earth CO2 currently 400ppm – has been 20 times higher – up from 280ppm which was dangerously low. 250ppm represents a tipping point. 150ppm life ceases to exist. Solar panels are only good for heating your own water cylinder. As for shunting your solar power to the boundary, op the street and into a neighbours property to heat their water, forget it. No one should be getting paid to supply solar energy into the grid, another scam.