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Hi everyone, thank you for reading this. gas prices under a dollar I have had a very difficult year trying to get a diagnosis for recurring fevers, swollen lymph nodes, and night sweats. Have had these symptoms for 16 months and getting slowly worse with fevers over 100 degrees for weeks at a time. Started seeking medical help in Jan of this year (11 months ago) and still undiagnosed. I am 32 and female.

I had an excisional lymph node biopsy in Feb that came back clear for lymphoma, so since then I have been bounced between specialists in infectious diseases, rheumatology, gynecology, and hematology with no clear diagnosis. I have mostly stayed positive and away from Google, and ever since I got the all-clear for lypmphoma in Feb I was not worried about cancer anymore – until this week.

My hematologist had me do a routine bone marrow biopsy in October on suspicion that I had problems with marrow production. I was shocked beyond belief when I got results back saying that they found a suspicious “lymphoid aggregate” in my marrow but could not confirm or exclude low grade B-cell lymphoma! The pathologists recommend a 2nd lymph node biopsy. GP says it is unlikely but possible that they tested an unaffected node back in Feb, or that a lymphoma was so low grade it wouldn’t have shown up. wd gaster theory I am supposed to get a FNA biopsy of an uncomfortably swollen parotid gland sometime soon, and I was told by a friend who is an MD that rare lymphoma can start in this gland and not be present in lymph nodes for some time.

I am very confused at how lymphoma could have been missed in a full excisonal biopsy and I am suddenly thrown back into this nightmare of waiting for more tests for a possible lymphoma diagnosis. Just wondering if anyone has any experience or knowledge about lymphoma being found only in the bone marrow before confirmation in the lymph nodes. gas mask drawing Has anyone heard of a similar bone marrow findings?

Sorry to hear of this. Lymphoma involves a mutation of B, T or N/K lymphocytes, which are integral parts of your immune system, flowing in your blood and lymph (the lymphatic system also being part of your circulatory system). Thus, they are present everywhere in your body and a malignant cell can produce a tumor anywhere in your body. No matter where it is, it remains a lymphoma or leukemia. wb state electricity board recruitment In the liver, it is not liver cancer but lymphoma of the liver – still highly treatable.

From your description (huge "IF" here) if it is found in your marrow, it could be chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) or even small lymphocytic lymphoma (SLL) – the same illness, the difference being where they are found. Neither is cause for panic, as they are slow-growing, chronic and manageable diseases, something like arthritis or an autoimmune disorder. In fact, there is a pill that places many in remission.

CLL is normally found only in the marrow and it is a low-grade, B-cell malignancy. It can certainly produce the symptoms you are experiencing, but so can thousands of other conditions. So, the best advice is to keep busy with life so that worries do not steal your day from you. "Concern", "suggestive of" and other such phrases are not diagnoses of anything. electricity kwh They are opinions. The only opinion that matters is that on the pathology report.

Thank you so much for your thoughtful reply. It did calm me down, as I did some reading and see that “if” it is a small low-grade lymphoma or CLL the prognosis would be quite good. Frankly, I am so frustrated from having a constant fever (which makes it hard to stay busy) that nearly any diagnosis would be acceptable at this point. I think the reason I was in such shock is due to thinking lymphoma was off the table months ago.

I see my hematologist tomorrow and just have to trust that they will do what is best. gas nozzle stuck in car The BM biopsy had suboptimal samples and was unable to complete some of the tests (morphology and clot, whatever that means), so at the very least my GP says they should repeat the marrow test. gas national average 2008 Do you think – and I’m not asking for a diagnosis just advice – that I should push for another lymph node biopsy if for some reason the hematologist disagrees with the pathologist? I only ask because my GP said it’s possible the hematologist won’t want to do another node biopsy. I think the parotid gland FNA might be enough? I had CT of abdomen and chest in June showing enlarged lymph nodes throughout. However, if it is “possibly” a kind of lymphoma starting in the marrow or other organ, I don’t see why they would have to take another lymph node, which was not a pleasant procedure to recover from … maybe I am just a wuss

Thanks for the replies. I was wondering if you all have advice about getting a 2nd opinion on my upcoming biopsy (which is in ~2 weeks due to the holidays). I have a recommendation from a colleague for another local hospital to do an independent pathology report, but it isn’t a “research” hospital, so I’m wondering if I should look for some other place and somehow mail the sample long-distance?

Also, in the last 2-3 months I have been having some mild pain in my pelvic bone, which I have chalked up to “female problems”; this morning the pain actually woke me up and is definitely my bone, not my organs. I am now a bit uncomfortable waiting another 3-6 months for a follow-up bone marrow biopsy. Trying not to play the what-if game, but I would hate to go through this upcoming neck surgery, have a negative for lymphoma, and then end up having the malignancy only in my bone marrow. Would it be worth reaching out to a 2nd hematologist as well as 2nd pathologist? Or am I just being paranoid? I have been wondering if an indolent lymphoma (not starting in the bones) could cause this pain, but I feel like this line of thought is not fruitful and don’t want to symptom spot. gas knife lamb Thanks again.