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Here is how the end of the world comes about. When women have the beta bucks side of the equation covered because they have a good job or because they are receiving government assistance, they are free to focus on the alpha fucks side of the equation and pursue those vagina tingles from the bad boys. Beta bucks men, the vast majority of us men, are the people who make civilization happen. We get up every day to make civilization happen because we have our own personal pussy. electricity definition wikipedia The promise of society is that if beta bucks men work hard and play by the rules, they will have their own woman and children to take care of. But women aren’t interested in us beta bucks men because we don’t make their vaginas tingle.

Women are starting to notice. What they notice is the lack of attractive men available to them. They are starting to realize that they need to attract the men that they are attracted to. You are starting to see dating coaches in the black community begin to tell women the truth. Youtuber Mumia Obsidian Ali has interviewed Nichole Michelle, a black dating coach out of Atlanta. gas efficient suv 2014 Nicole Michelle is selling a product called Innerbeauty Movement. She is catching hell. What she said is interesting. She is telling women that femininity is what will attract a masculine alpha male. gas oil ratio formula She finds that her black female clients respond to the idea of femininity because they understand that it will work. But what her black female clients reject is accountability or the need to submit to a man’s authority. g gas lol Women need to make themselves wife material. The vast majority of black women would shoot Nicole Michelle on site. The minority of women who listen to her respond to the need to let alpha males see their femininity. But only and handful of black women see the need to reform their ratchet ways and behave like a woman worthy of being some man’s wife.

The only reason most men stick around is the mentoring and guiding that occurs. A blog, just as it is now, is self defeating. Reading Field Reports is fascinating because there are always nuisances and it’s good to see the Red Pill truths in even the most seemingly different story. Yet there needs to be analysis, growth, no fear on putting out a theory or a different take.

Rollo and other blogs like his don’t just rehash. electricity resistance questions The push and grow the community. Sometimes their blog posts are just not good or half baked, but I offer where you have a chance is to be a voice for the feminine. YOu know the truth. You see where it is. Perhaps do some deeper analysis. More then just how to give a blow job, or have more sex. c gastronomie vitam Dig into the feminine psyche.

I have met a few women that identify with Red Pill and reject the AWALT label. Is AWALT bad? I don’t think so I think, while perjorative it’s a pretty accurate res presentation. electricity prices over time Just like Greek tragedies women will run from AWALT just to be more AWALT than any other. There is also this notion of Alpha Female. Is there such a thing? Is it the same as a the male Alpha?

Georgia asks women to leave a comment and posts the following: “Attention girls: if you’ve ever chased a bad boy. Or if you think there are no good guys left – please watch this for your own sake. To qualify: I do not condone women falling for bad boys at all – I’m just explaining why I think it’s a trend. If you can answer the question: what are the qualities that make a bad boy attractive, and which of those traits are actually good? Then you can see that the only reason you can’t find the good men, is because they just don’t be loud about it, so you don’t see them.”

Rage? You haven’t seen anything yet. The only reason why women feel safe today is because a minority of men grasp the gravity of what she is saying. electricity in costa rica What is she saying? She is giving nothing more than a serviceable discussion of the alpha fucks side of hypergamy. By the time a critical mass of men understand hypergamy, women will feel safe only in their bunkers, and even that sense of security will be a false one. (Don’t think we can’t get in there.)

Last year I tried to lead a discussion of hypergamy with a group of male feminists. They got mad at me. Ladies, they were shaking with rage at me. Ladies, they wanted to lynch me. Ladies, they wanted to lynch me for suggesting that there was any validity to alpha fucks/beta bucks. Ladies, can you imagine the rage that they will have for you when they finally come to the realization that alpha fucks/beta bucks is the coin of the realm?