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Replace the oil pump..Or just try to clean it out but I have been through this and it worked for about ten electricity towers in japan minutes and I ended up just replacing the pump and works fine now. They are not very expensive (35.00-40.00) and only takes about ten minutes. Get a beer and a table or the tail gate of you truck should be fine. Take off the side cover remove the bar and chain. Clean everything up… air compressor is best a paint brush and static electricity human body causes rag works good if you do not have a air compressor. Take the top plastic cover (three screws on top of the saw). Pull electricity definition wikipedia the spark plug and feed a piece of rope into the cylinder. This will bind up saw so you can remove the clutch. I use a pull start rope from my old lawn mower and keep it in my saw box for this reason. This size and kind of rope seems to work best. Now electricity generation by source you need to remove the clutch. There is an arrow on the clutch that tells you which way to turn it to get it off. This can sometimes be tricky but don’t give up. I’m sure there is a tool for this and I keep saying that I’m going to make gas vs electric stove something. I use the handle of a good strong pair of pliers and turn the plier with a pair of vice grips. When you see the clutch you’ll figure out something to use to loosen it and spin it off. Un-spin the clutch and remove the clutch drum by just sliding it off the spindle. Be careful because there is a bushing with needle bearings. The bearings are in there pretty good and wont just fall out. If you want electricity outage austin to replace that you can 14.00 or so. There is also a plastic drive gear for the pump that just lifts out , replace it too 6.00 or so. Take off the metal cover I think it’s just one screw. When you remove the cover you may see a lot of saw dust gas or electricity more expensive and oil all packed inside. If you have an air compressor just blow it all out. The oil pump is right there and is simply removed with one screw. clean every thing up put the new pump in put everything back together and you should be back in business.

Many chainsaws can be temperamental top start after being run and then electricity projects in pakistan sitting for a few minutes. I would suspect that the saw is now electricity sources in us flooded. Typically a hot saw, one that has been run in the last hour or so, will not need to be choked when restarted. You will simply turn the saw on and pull the start rope. If it doesn’t start within about four pulls then add some choke. If a hot saw is choked when it doesn’t need it then it will flood almost immediately.

There are a couple of things you can try to get your flooded saw started. The first is to turn the ignition on, make sure that gas 91 octane the saw is NOT choked and hold the throttle all of the way open. Now with the throttle still open attempt to start the saw. You may need to pull the starter rope up to 20 times or so to get the cylinder to clear and the saw to start. The gas in back trapped saw will run very smokey for a bit but that will clear up as the oil is burned out of the exhaust.

If the first method doesn’t work then you will need to try the following. First remove the spark plug. The spark plug will gas natural likely be very wet with gas. Dry the spark plug using an air compressor. Now use a nozzle on your compressor that will fit tightly npower electricity power cut onto the spark plug hole in the cylinder. Slowly pull on the starter rope while blowing air into the cylinder. The air will pass through the cylinder and out the exhaust, carrying the excess fuel with it. Now reassemble the saw and try starting it like you normally would from a cold start.