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When you invest in a vacation rental or any other rental property in Costa Rica and you hire a local property manager to care of your investment, there are a few things you need to take into account if you’re an absent owner. I have seen hundreds of property managers, family members or friends of the legal owner sign a lease agreement without any powers of attorney from the legal owners, even though the owners are in full agreement. Z gas ensenada telefono What is missing is the legal document that gives them those legal powers. Electricity voltage in germany Serious problems start when you need to evict a tenant for non-payment or any other serious issue and you will need to take the lease agreement to court and you’re not in Costa Rica yourself. Should you give your property manager, friend or family member who represents you when taking care of your property in Costa Rica a power of attorney or not and what kind of power of attorney?

It is possible to give your property manager a special power of attorney for certain responsibilities and those can be described in what is called a “special power of attorney” (Poder Especial in Spanish). Gas bijoux discount code In this special power of attorney, formally and legally registered through your local notary public, you can give very detailed powers to your property manager or someone you trust. Electricity symbols and units A Power of Attorney is abbreviated as POA and a Special Power of Attorney is SPA. You should realize that it is important if you represent the ownership of the corporation that owns the property in Costa Rica or if the property is in your personal name.

Electricity song youtube Sometimes there are partnerships in the ownership and it is imperative to the POA to be able to represent both or all if necessary. If you would give your property manager a general power of attorney (Poder Generalísimo in Spanish), your property manager would also have the right to sell the property, transfer the title or anything else that you probably don’t want to have your property manager to have the powers for. There are other issues that can become an issue, so let’s cover the special power of attorney (Poder Especial in Spanish) you will probably want to give your property manager. 1. Gas zone Sign a lease agreement in your name, but stipulate in the POA that you need to be kept up to date on every lease agreement and you want to receive a signed copy by both parties every time the property is rented. 2. Electricity origin To evict a tenant on late payments or any grounds that is covered in the lease agreement.

Wireless electricity how it works Again you will want to be kept up to date on everything that’s going on, so stipulate that in the power. 3. Hp gas online booking no To represent you before the tax authorities when needed.

Gas city indiana As you probably know, owners of rental property in Costa Rica and vacation rental property are obliged to register with the Costa Rica Department of Revenue (Tributacion Directa) and payment of a sales tax on the rental income. 5. Gas 1981 To represent you in the home owner meetings (HOA meetings) in case the property is a condominium. Electricity nightcore You can give the property manager voting rights if you’d like to. Murphy’s Law states that you’d better take care of this before you fly back home. Electricity production by state In case you need to give a POA urgently, you can always go to the closest Costa Rican consulate, but for sure that is more problematic than leaving it all organized at closing.

In any case, make sure you talk to your own attorney about how to handle the POA’s and ask him/her for professional recommendations to keep your investment safe. Contact us when you are looking for a vacation rental property or investment property in Costa Rica. Gas oil ratio formula We also offer a great inventory of industrial buildings with a great ROI. I DO want to remind our readers that we appreciate any referrals you can send us. Gas unlimited houston I know you all meet people on the plane, in the supermarket, at yoga, at the gym, at the beach or in a restaurant.

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