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Traditional power rankings suck, dude. They overreact to one HUGE signing and one sad! departure. Rarely do they take in account the entire offseason, or even the resources each team currently has. To give a more accurate representation of what’s going on and where these teams currently stand, I will not equivocate or give into the yank of heartstrings the NFL offseason brings.

The Steelers as of now look worse. Can JuJu Smith-Schuster be a WR1? Can James Washington step up? How will they replace Marcus Gilbert? Can Ben Roethlisberger stay healthy foe another season? Can the pass chapter 7 electricity test rush keep making up for their torched secondary? Does anyone even want to play here? This team has electricity trading hubs legitimate locker room issues, plenty of questions, and have the highest variance of any team out there.

The Jags coughed up a hair ball of Jackson, Parnell, and Gipson to create enough room in their stomach to devour Nick Foles. The pass defense, even with the losses, should improve next season. Natural regression, Barry Church, and A.J. Bouye’s injury hurt last year. They need Taven Bryan to fill in for Jackson, and Ronnie Harrison should be better than Church was last season.

Every offseason I think this is the offseason the Seahawks put a better offensive line around Wilson so he doesn’t have to ride a motorcycle through traffic when he drops back. It didn’t happen again this offseason. Eventually it’s going to destroy them. Seattle is banking on continued growth from their young defense and Wilson’s downfield throwing ability.

The NFL is better when there are teams doing so many different things. I missed the 49ers old early 2010s power run scheme. Praise be it’s coming back in Baltimore with Greg Roman running it with Lamar Jackson. I can’t wait for more of the four backfield sets, all the secondary blockers, the pulling, the play action, and the quarterback designed runs.

The biggest offseason goes to the Browns, and they still may not be done. They have shale gas in spanish $35 million in cap space. Congratulations to them for taking advantage of Baker Mayfield’s rookie contract. From a talent perspective, the Browns match up with everyone. Yet, it’s still the Browns. Doesn’t it just feel like this whole thing is going to self combust like that Incubus song?

The c gastronomie mariage Colts are in a fantasy auction draft and refuse to make a pick until 25 players have come off the board. Then they can grab anyone they want now. The Colts added Funchess and Houston, haven’t lost anyone from last year’s squad, and resigned players like Mark Glowiniski, and Pierre Desir from last season. Ndamukong Suh, Ezekiel Ansash, Timmy Jernigan, trading a pick to take on salary, it’s all available for them. It’s their time to bully around the rest of the league.

The Texans have Deshaun Watson gas vs electric water heater savings on a rookie contract, and they opted to take the Colts’ route to improve this offseason. Now is the time to spend and put money into the roster in a way that will be impossible to do in two seasons. They didn’t. They let impact players like Rodger Saffold, Sheldon Richardson, and others go elsewhere. Houston is pretty much the same as they were last year, but will have to play a much tougher schedule than last year. Aside from Blackson and McCarron, I like all of their moves. I just wish they did more. The offseason isn’t over yet, but they’ll need to make some dramatic improvements in the draft, and in the waning days of free agency.

One of my favorite movie tropes is the on-screen fictional being with water up to their neck. There’s usually a metal grate above their head. Floatsam are rubber duckies. Gasping. They are frantic and struggling and looking for an escape. One deep gulp and they go under gas x dosage for dogs. The door doesn’t budge. Yet, somehow, someway, miraculously they are able to escape and drink in sweet oxygen.

Green Bay had a spectacular interior rush with Kenny Clark, Mike Daniels, and Blake Martinez blitzing. Now they added the two best exterior pass rushing options available to them this offseason and Adrian Amos. This could be one of the five best pass rushes in the league. Aaron Rodgers is back. Even if LaFleur had a crappy offense in Tennessee, it’s a safe leap in logic that Green e gaskell north and south Bay’s offense will be better than it was last year with Mike McCarthy gone. Oh, and they have four picks in the top 100.

No one knows what’s wrong with Todd Gurley. They lost their starting guard and center, integral pieces to their offense and outside zone scheme. Jared Goff is home schooled can’t do anything on his own. In a strange way their defense depends on Aqib Talib. Marcus Peters hates tackling. The Patriots stamped out their offense and the tape is now out there. I’m expecting for either San Francisco or Seattle to leap frog them next season. It’s only March. It’s too early to be the that muy muy muy calienete.

The Chiefs are switching to 4-3 to put more bodies on the inside and help out their league worst defense is the only guess I got. They let both of their edge rushers disappear. Spagnuolo is the defensive coordinator. They paid Mathieu a ton to be mediocre and not make anyone else better. Patrick Mahomes needs to be even more ridiculous this season than he was last season.

Drew Brees lost all ability to throw the ball downfield to end last season. It crushed the Saints’ playoff run. Although the static electricity online games no-call was horrendous and was the main reason gasco abu dhabi contact the Saints lost the NFC title game, New Orleans still blew it. Brees going 1/5 on downfield passes is a big reason for that. Hopefully for New Orleans he was just tired and he needed a summer to rest, and they’re aware of this and can better manage his load this season so he’s strong and tough for the playoffs.

This has been the most New England offseason. Add six veterans, no one has heard of four of them, and one star player to replace someone who just got paid. They can still add veterans with their $17 million, and they have almost have five top 100 picks. Everyone needs to send a Christmas Card to Nashville because Adam Humphries didn’t end up here.