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"Ameren Missouri has been a trusted power supplier and growth partner supporting Quaker’s needs for years," said Quaker Window Products CEO Kevin Blansett. "Their commitment to work with Quaker, the Missouri Department of Economic Development, the City of Eldon and others involved in this new project is another great example of Ameren Missouri’s ongoing commitment to support business growth and success in Missouri. gas out game instructions We look forward to our continued partnership in the future."

"This is just the beginning of businesses – and jobs – coming here, thanks in part to a new state energy law that makes Missouri an even better place to do business," said Michael Moehn, president, Ameren Missouri. "New and expanding businesses can now get one of the most favorable economic development rate incentives in the country, keeping energy costs low for the business and all of our customers. It’s part of Ameren Missouri’s Smart Energy Plan and a competitive advantage for the state."

The economic development incentive program is just one of the benefits to Ameren Missouri customers included in the Smart Energy Plan, which was enabled by passage of Missouri Senate Bill 564, legislation that was widely supported by customers, business organizations, unions and a bipartisan majority of more than 85 percent of the Missouri General Assembly.

"The new economic development incentives are a win and helpful for all of our business and residential customers," said Matt Forck, assistant vice president, Community, Economic Development and Energy Solutions, Ameren Missouri. "The additional demand from these business customers ultimately helps to keep rates lower for everyone by spreading out the fixed costs of generating and delivering electricity. electricity 2pm live We are committed to strong community partnerships and look forward to working with Quaker and other businesses to grow jobs in the state of Missouri."

In the recently concluded 2018 Legislative session, workforce emerged as a frontline issue. electricity generation in california An unprecedented number of workforce-related bills were passed by the Missouri General Assembly. b games unblocked Lawmakers realize that the quality of Missouri’s workforce will play a bigger role than nearly any other factor in determining the state’s economic future.

“In today’s fierce competition for jobs, workforce has become the most effective weapon,” said Dan Mehan, president and CEO, Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry. “The states and regions that recognize this fact and wisely invest in strategic workforce development and retention initiatives will win the jobs war. electricity per kwh calculator Talent is quickly replacing all other incentives for economic development.”

The report is authored by Ted Abernathy and Greg Payne of Economic Leadership, LLC. 8 gases The authors spoke to business leaders and human resource managers from employers across the state to inform them of their work. They analyzed innovative workforce development programs across the nation to identify ideas that could be implemented in Missouri.

“While predicting the economic future is difficult, one fact is certain: The most successful businesses that emerge over the coming decades will locate themselves where they have access to a top-quality workforce. We want to make Missouri that place. We believe the recommendations in Workforce2030 will take important steps toward that goal,” Mehan said.