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Well, I went for my yearly pap test in january and they found abnormal cells again. My doctor said that my pap test wasn’t really bad but he wanted to take precautions and do the colposcopy. He said if it came back mild they would freeze, if it came back moderate to severe, they would do leep surgery. I went in the beginning of february for my colposcopy and just got my test results back on wednesday. The pre-cancerous cells are back the doctor said I need to have leep surgery done again but its not bad enough for a hysterectomy. Well, hearing leep surgery was bad enough but hearing a hysterectomy was even worse. I’m going in this tuesday for my leep surgery.

I was reading up about the pre-cancerous cells and it said that reoccurance was slim. Well, I guess i’m one of the unfortunate ones who had it come back. I’m a little concerned as to where the abnormal cells are and if they are in the same place because they could be showing up on the surface but might not be detected deeper in the cervix.

I had an abnormal pap back when I was 23…I’m now 32…When they did the coposcopy and biopsy, it was discovered that I had 5 areas of dysplasia(pre cancerous cells), on my cervix…3 out of the 5 were in the acute phase, so I too had the leep!! None of which was anything I want to go through again!! at the time noone said I had hpv….I’ve also had my tubes tied about 6 years ago, and ever since my periods have gotten much more painful…Debilitating!!!….And very clotty…Now, about 4 weeks ago I had a pap, and during the manual exam, the doc. Pushed on something that hurt…Said he suspected a fibroid tumor on my uterus…Sent me for an ultrasound the next day. When he got the results back from that he said everything looked fine, except for a tiny cyst on one of my ovaries…Then he got my pap results back….Said my cervix was quite irritated, and that I have hpv…Suggested another colp, biopsy, and possible leep! with all this crap going on, I asked about just having a complete hyst, and taking the ovary with the cyst…He said I was definately a candidate….Do you think I had the hpv to begin with and that’s what caused the original pre cancerous cells to develope?? That’s my thought now! My poor husband felt so bad cause he thought that he may have had it and not known about it and gave it to me….I totally don’t think so at this point! I’m now thinking that I had it all these years and it caused the cells to grow again……..Does that make sense? I’m so glad that i’ve found your post! Finally someone who’s gone through similar stuff!!

I had an abnormal pap years ago in my twenties but everything was fine. I had another abnormal at age 31 and Im 32 now. They said I had a large blood vessel on cervix and vascular changes. They did first biopsy and it was inconclusive so they did another still inconclusive. They said its ok if pap comes back normal and it did so they thought we were in the clear. I didn’t believe it and got suspicious when a couple months later. I started noticing pain in lower back burning, sharp pain up to stomach. Upper thigh pain and pain radiating. Its really starting to hurt bad. I went in for another pap and it came back normal but they said I had cervisitis. They also noticed vascular changes. Im really scared with my fatigue and all my symptoms and ESP pain. Can you still have painful symptoms with pre-cancer or only if its cancer. Im 32 years old and really scared and angry at doctor that they didn’t take me more serious 9 months ago. I go back to doctor on Thursday. Does vascular changes mean cancer? Does pre-cancer cause pain? Thanks God Bless