Pregnancy diary week 31 – 32 – the lilly mint blog gastroparesis


I’ve decided to start making these updates every fortnight rather than monthly, as we are getting so close now to meeting the little guy! Of course babies turn up when ever they feel like it, but from 37-42 weeks is the norm – that’s only 4 weeks away now! Ever since about halfway though my pregnancy, I’ve had this funny feeling he’ll arrive early (which probably means he won’t now that I’ve told everyone that!), so I’m trying to prepare myself as much as I can right now. Although in saying that, our nursery is still a junk room, so maybe it’s just more of mental preparation right now! Pregnancy Diary Week 31

We had our midwife appointment this week, and it was the appointment where we started to discuss plans for the birth. One of my biggest fears (apart from baby getting here safely of course), is the pain factor of giving birth. As I’ve mentioned in the past I’m a massive wuss, and I quite often feel sick and faint if I get hurt or see blood. So of course, giving birth is going to be quite a big thing for me!

Where we live there is a birthing centre nearby but they only offer natural and water births, as well as gas. I’ve decided to give birth in Dunedin hospital, as I want to be able to get an epidural if I can’t handle the pain. While I’d love to have a natural birth, I really don’t know if I will be able to handle the pain so I’m keen to have an opt-out if required! I know a lot of people are against epidurals, but I also think each woman needs to do what’s best for her, and as long as baby arrives safely then that’s all that matters! I know personally, having the option of an epidural has already reduced my anxiety and stress around the birth, so even if I don’t end up opting for one, knowing I can get one has already helped!

We had another midwife appointment and a scan this week. Baby is perfectly happy and healthy and is spot on for size so I am so thrilled! He weighs just over 4 pounds now! This week I’ve been in so much pain, as I think bubs is lying on a nerve which is causing sciatica down my right hand side. It is SO FREAKING sore, it feels like glass in my back/hip area and I struggle to walk around some days. I was literally just about crying from the pain the other day! It’s definitely making things hard to sleep, so I was so relieved when the midwife said she can refer me for physio to try and help relive some of the pain. At the moment I feel so lazy as the only time it doesn’t hurt is when I’m sitting on the sofa with a wheat bag.

Our 32 week scan showed that while the placenta has moved, it’s only moved the smallest amount and has hardly moved since the last scan, so things aren’t looking too good. It has to move 20mm away from the cervix to be safe for a natural birth and so far it’s only 7mm away, so I’m being referred to an obstetrician at Dunedin Hospital. While there is still a bit of time for it to move, and the midwife is hopeful, from what I’ve read it sounds unlikely that it will at this late stage, so I’m starting to mentally prepare myself for a C-Section. I’ve got to admit I’m a bit anxious as I was just getting my head around a natural birth, and now everything is a bit up in the air. I’ll be honest, I’m feeling quite stressed about the whole thing but will have to wait and see in a couple of weeks I guess. I wish I could just fall asleep and wake up in 8 weeks time with a finished house and a gorgeous little baby! 😂

In happier news, we’ve pretty much finished off our kitchen this week (finally after starting it in December!). We also enjoyed a weekend in Dunedin and celebrated my Mum’s birthday with a family dinner out. It was lovely having the family together and it might be one of the last times before little bubs’ arrival!