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Smoking during pregnancy would .N.O.T nessesarilly result in breathing problems. The baby does not .B.R.E.A.T.H the smoke, therefore, does not recieve any lung damage per say (your neighbour’s kids problems would be either the result odf exposure to cigarette smoke .A.F.T.E.R. Birth, or, hereditry factors.

When when you smoke a cigarette you inhale the gas carbon monoxide. This means that the amount of oxygen available to your baby through the umbilical cord is reduced. Cigarettes can also reduce the flow of blood in the placenta. It can result in low birthrate, and reduce your fitness, making the birth harder for you, and therefore, more risky to the both of you, but then again, there are plenty of things that will have the same effect.

Now, there are some people who can quit fairly easily if they have a reason like pregnancy, or planning a pregnancy, and then there are some people for whom the mere .T.H.O.U.G.H.T. Of quitting starts their hearts pounding, shortness of breath and all kinds of stress. And we all know how good stress is for babies right?

When I was pregnant, I found it really easy to just stop, but when I was in a pre-nantal appointment with my 2nd baby, they asked if I was a smoker- I told them I had been but quit. They assumed I would be having trouble staying off them so they said, if you can get it down under 10 a day, that will make the risks not much greater than a non smoker – .T.E.N. !!!! I never smoked that many in a day in my life- I told them I was ok without any. That’s when they told me about people who find it so stressful to quit, that it’s actually more harmful to the baby then if they’d allowed themselves a couple a day.

If your friend can just cut down as much as she can stand immediately- even if she’s still having the one or two "key" cigarettes a day- smokers, you know what i’m talking about- before she’s 3 months along, then she would be doing a great thing for her baby- if she finds it’s too, too hard to give up those last ones, then she should allow herself those- and concentrate on making sure she bumps up the nutrients going to the baby by eating really well, and taking her pre-natal vitamins, gentle excersize etc. There’s non-smokers out there who eat nothing but junk their whole pregnancy, and don’t move of their arses except to go to the fridge, and nobody is giving that any airplay at all. It’s just as bad you know.

I’m sorry I talked to my doctor about it and that’s bs. I was having problems stopping smoking, I had managed to stop for a while and I was doing great. Till a really bad day triggered the urge to smoke. Then I was going through such serious stress that my doctor, my doctor mind you, told me that it would be better for me to have a couple of cigarettes than to stress about it. As a matter of fact she told me that if I continued to stress out about it i’d be doing my baby more harm than if I had just smoked a cigarette. Low birthweight my butt. I guess those are the smokers that replace meals with cigarettes. Three weeks ago at my last u/s my baby was weighing in at 6 lbs. Now technically i’ve still got three weeks to go. And that’s only because my baby is measuring consistently further along than they think. I’ve had my due date moved up three times already. The only thing that i’ve been told is to up the amount of vitamin c because cigarette smoke depletes it. I eat better than most of the non smoking pregnant women that I know. I’m sick of people trying to make me feel guilty because I wasn’t able to quit smoking. Comments like that usually come from people who’ve never smoked or who weren’t heavy smokers to begin with and don’t understand that it’s hard to quit. Anyone who had smoked and quit would have more understanding for the situation. And just for the record my sister had 9 kids and smoked with every single one of them and there wasn’t one born under 7 1/2 pounds, and not a single one with any respiratory problems. Not even allergies. I think I did good to go from a pack and a half a day to less than half a pack a day. Anyhoo if you can quit good for you, if you can’t don’t let anyone make you feel guilty!