President daan van vliet visits projects in nepal – unicafoundation gas tax by state


Daan van Vliet, president of the Unica Foundation, has visited Nepal in October 2018 together with his wife Georgine van den Boogert, and four other team members: Frans Willem Romer (President, Rotary club of Zwolle IJsseland), Ana Isabel Augusto Coelho (member of the same club), Fokelien Meesters (ambassador, Unica Foundation) & Bram Adema (Founder, CFP Green Buildings, the Netherlands). m gastrocnemius Daan and his team carried out various activities during their visit, which are listed below.

Unica Foundation had started the Thulodhunga Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) project with the NRCS Kaski in April 2017. This project had aimed to serve clean drinking water for 215 people (that include 97 women and 118 men) from a total of 38 household in the village Thulodhunga of Madi Rural Municipality, Kaski. Besides providing clean drinking water, there was an awareness campaign on health, hygiene and sanitation organized for the community. gas mileage comparison In addition there was a training for villagers for kitchen gardening, where they could utilize the wastewater and grow green vegetables. The kitchen gardening would primarily serve the daily needs of the households by providing fresh vegetables. gas or electricity more expensive When these activities grow in a larger scale, the villagers could earn income by selling it in the nearby market.

Nepal Red Cross Society (NRCS) Kaski is known for running reliable ambulance service in the Pokhara region. As its current vehicle was getting old, NRCS was looking for a new vehicle with four-wheeler drive to serve the patients who live in the uphill terrain of the Kaski district. Rotary Club of Pokhara Lakeside, Rotary club of Zwolle IJsseland and Unica Foundation worked together to realize this project, so an ambulance from TATA Company was purchased from India. grade 9 static electricity test That cost around € 9.000,- which includes interior decoration parts as well.

The Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH) project in Kalika village is coming to an end in January 2019. gas tax deduction Daan and his team went to visit the project along with local agents of Grundfos, a pump manufacturer based in Denmark. During the visit, the progress of the project, including performance of pump system, was observed and found satisfactory.

Kalika WaSH project is one of Unica Foundation’s largest projects in collaboration with NRCS Kaski. The main aim of the project is to improve the quality of life of vulnerable communities by providing safe drinking water, strengthening sanitation and promoting economic empowerment through mobilization of natural resources and the capacity development of the local people.

Kalika is situated in an upland region of the Pokhara valley where availability of good quality drinking water has been a major concern for decades. gas jobs crna There is no water source above the settlement, so the only option is to bring water uphill by pump. gas to liquid To do this, water has to be lifted 520 meters uphill (in two stages of 260 meters each) using pumps operated by solar power. Around 1.700 people from 324 households will benefit from the project.

As a first project of the Unica Foundation, drinking water supply and Improved Cooking Stove (ICS) project in Tangting village was completed in 2010. The project served 206 households here. The chimney was replaced recently as the old one gets rusted. The water project is going still steadily. People seemed to be happy for the both projects as it has direct impact in their livelihood.

Daan also managed to have couple of meetings with different partners, such as NRCS Kaski and Shanti Griha Nepal. These meetings helped to widen the possibility of future cooperation as well as it gave certain clarity on the ongoing projects. Finally, the whole team also went to visit the country office of the Unica Foundation in Bhaktapur.