President of mongolia kh.battulga today, food security has become a pressing issue for national security – president of mongolia electricity storage cost per kwh


As the head of the National Security Council of Mongolia, I attach special importance to ensuring food security and have initiated today’s forum. o gastronomo Issue of food security was described in the Concept of National Security, which was revised in 2010, as an integral part of national security of Mongolia. Regardless of many years of discussion, food security has remained an unsolved problem, which people have become already tired of. So, let’s put aside the definitions, slogans and manifestations for now, and instead, let’s take actions and find the right solutions.

Tangible and effective options must be motivating the government decisions. For instance, allowing long-term and low-interest loans to food factories will help increase their capitals in circulation and improve their economic compatibility. Unless we support the food producers basing on the time they dedicated to food sector, amount of products they produce and supply in a year and quality performances, business loans with 20 percent annual interest will take them nowhere.

Nevertheless, greenhouse farming has been thriving in Mongolia compared to what it had been before. Showing support from the government to greenhouse farmers through, for example, by allowing discount on nighttime electricity and heat tariffs would become an effective solution to limiting imports of underqualified vegetables, the origins of which are uncertain.

Mongolian food production has been working with only 30 percent of its full capacity, while the government has been making excuses to take no action. power kinetic energy Increasing the customs tax for imported food products, which are similar to the foods produced in Mongolia, up to 20 percent, which is the permitted amount according to the World Trade Organization, would be a tremendous support. Our two neighbors, [Russia and China], are protecting their domestic industries by 32 percent customs tax. gas variables pogil extension questions Only the government can protect the domestic production.

Mongolia has population of 3.1 million, over 70.0 million of livestock and 1.0 million hectares of arable land. These numbers represent important things. We run land-farming in only 1.0 percent of our whole territory. If the conditions are good, the annual harvest sees surplus after full domestic supply. 93 gas near me If only we can increase the portion of land-farming area up to 3.0 percent, our consumers of wheat, flour, potato, carrot and rapeseed are right next to us.

Mongolia exported 4,958 tons of potatoes in 2014, 720 tons of carrots in 2015 and 200 tons of potatoes in 2016 to Russia. gas knife To China, export of bran totaled to 42,100 tons, 489.5 tons of hay, 489.5 tons of rapeseed in 2016. Demand for Mongolian-made flour and noodles are sufficient in China. However, government policies and adjustments in support of supply of these products are missing. Competitiveness of Vietnam is quite high, because the government has been regulating the supply of white rice to domestic market and for exports through single-window policy by purchasing 70 percent of the total demand from ordinary land-farming households, whereas Mongolia is sticking to only one regulation, which is allowing MNT 50-70 thousand per ton of wheat as land-farming incentive. gas city indiana zip code The wheat incentive has been proven less and less efficient as the time goes by. Facilitating the favorable environment for irrigated land-farming has turned out to be more effective than the wheat incentive.

Moreover, great opportunities await our meat sector. In 2014, 1,460 tons of horse meat and 360 tons of beef were exported, whereas in 2015, 1,620 tons of horse meat and 860 tons of beef, and in 2016, 1,999.3 tons of horse meat and 600 tons of beef were exported to Russia. gsa 2016 new orleans To China, only within the last year, Mongolia exported 4.0 tons of beef, 6,460 tons of horse meat, 862 tons of goat meat. There is potential for Mongolia to increase the mentioned amounts.

And, through food security, we must face the reality of how we are living today. Children’s health, especially, dental health is in a horrific place. One of every ten children has some kind of dental issue. 1 unit electricity cost in andhra pradesh Eight out of ten children have cavities and decays. It also comes back to the food issue. It is the high time parents started paying close attention to their children’s dental health.

We already have practiced exports of potatoes and carrots to certain countries and regions. Why can’t we encourage it? We should be encouraging regional trade through customs discount within the 50, 100 or 200 kilometers from our neighboring countries. We made the first big step by exporting potatoes. Today’s forum aims to address such issues as the above-mentioned.