President says kcca executive director came to rescue the city from potholes _ uganda media centre

President Yoweri Museveni has clarified that the appointment of the Executive Director of Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA), Jenifer Musisi was to rescue Kampala City from dirtiness, potholes, flies and shame that the Local government had failed to handle for 25 years.

“Demand your political leaders to clean the city so that Uganda does not lose in terms of investors, tourists who may be scared off due to the bad situation of the city. Gas bijoux discount code Don’t make Kampala a battle-field but keep it clean. Electricity production by state Musisi came to rescue the situation of the City that had got out of hands of the Local Government who had failed to manage its cleanliness, potholes and public health for 25 years,” he observed.

Mr. Electricity distribution companies Museveni observed that whereas Jennifer Musisi might have some fault in the execution of her work, she is not corrupt. Gas quality comparison The President further clarified that The KCCA Executive Director, is not the original problem of the City of Kampala adding that the original problem was the failure of Kampala leaders to maintain public health and sanitation in the City. La gasolina lyrics translation He reminded the leaders of the three cholera outbreaks that Kampala had had as a result of poor hygiene, heaps of rubbish, stinking trenches and the filthiness of the City. 9gag instagram videos He cited some areas, like Fort Portal, that are always very clean adding that Kampala City should cherish cleanliness in order to attract visitors and tourists to the country.

“We strengthened the Executive Director’s role because Kampala leaders had failed with the sanitation of the City. Gastric sleeve scars Had the system been efficient, Musisi would not be there. Electricity research centre Since 1986, NRM sent you a gun; the gun of a vote and every time you vote, you vote opposition every year,” the President said.

Mr. Gas oil ratio formula Museveni castigated City residents and said they also share the blame for always voting opposition leaders who have not done anything to help develop the City. Gas station car wash He promised the meeting that he is going to deal with corrupt elements in the City.

The President was last evening meeting the business community leaders in State House, Entebbe where he informed them that the original and initial plan by the government for the City Council markets and abattoirs, was for low income earners to work there and once they had got rich, they would then go and do other businesses leaving space for other small beginners to also start working from there.

He told them that somewhere along the way, without sufficient discussion, the individuals and groups that have been in the markets and abattoirs for a long time have become and made themselves owners, monopolizing the system.

He, however, suggested that if the old markets had already adopted the ownership system, then new markets can be developed to carry on with the original planned system of the government because it caters for very many people. Basic electricity quizlet He said that if the old markets can still be recovered legally to begin the original plan, then it should be done.

On the issue of the management system in the markets, the President informed his visitors that those who were working in the markets at that time have a responsibility of selecting their management leaders in each new phase.

“Having the City Council monopolize markets, is nonsense…but the City Council and Town Councils must have arrangements for beginners,” Mr. Arkansas gas association Museveni said.

The President added he was against buying and owning communal markets by an individual because, he noted, if a single individual owned the market or abattoir and the facilities become privatized, it would cause conflicts, leaving the low-income earners jobless. Electricity notes for class 10 He explained to his guests that that was the reason why he opposed Basajjabalaba who wanted to buy an abattoir and privately own it.

“I cannot privatize State House just because I am the one who is there now. Gas x side effects When I go, another President will have to come there,” he explained.

The President assured grain millers that he had taken note of their issues and explained to them that the reason for the high price of electricity was because Bujagali power project that had used borrowed funds from banks at high interest rates by Aga Khan Company. Electricity out in one room He disclosed that the Government is going to try and buy the Bujagali power project so that the Government can control it and make electricity prices lower similar to other prices of power generating dams in the country. Electricity word search answer key He gave assurances that as this is going to be done a solution in the short run is also going to be found.

Mr. M power electricity Museveni expressed dismay at the act of confiscating the transformer and the grain grillers that has led the emergence of sub-standard machinery that do not operate well. Electricity formulas physics He also told his visitors people that his staff will to look into some of the cases where some grain millers, along the Northern-by pass in Kampala, had been mistreated.

Commenting on the Najjeera Youth Group whom he helped with Shs. Electricity experiments elementary school 400 million to buy machinery to operate smoothly in their fabrication business, the President noted that as a result of his intervention, 25 more groups have been created and more youths are being trained in the fabrication business. Electricity journal He assured the youths that money would be available if they were organized. Gas symptoms He also informed local leaders that he had brought along religious Sisters from Kalongo in Acholi Sub-Region, who are now residing in Namugongo and who are busy teaching girls knitting and weaving.

“You did not vote for me but other people voted for me. Gas news of manipur Those who are saying that they are going to overthrow the government through a demonstration, it wont happen,” he stressed. Gas upper back pain ENDS