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The human body contains several pressure points where stress may accumulate. It is very important to know pressure points on the body. Manipulating or massaging pressure points on the body can help relieve conditions such as nausea, sinus discomfort or headaches. You may also alleviate menstrual cramps or improve circulation by taking advantage of pressure point therapy. Pressure Points for Nausea

Short-term nausea is not typically harmful but it can be irritating. Those experiencing severe vomiting may be at risk for developing more severe side effects. Many cultures use acupuncture to help manage nausea. Taking advantage of the pressure points used in this technique can be used to help relieve nausea without medical supervision.

• Large Intestine 4. This pressure point is located on the webbed area between the index finger and thumb. To locate it press your thumb against the base of your index finger and note the bulge that appears near the crease between the digits. Open the hand and use your opposite thumb to massage this area for 3-4 minutes or until you feel relief from your nausea.

• Pericardium 3. This pressure point is inside the bicep tendon on the elbow. Turn the arm at a 45 degree angle, noting where the arm creases near the elbow. The pressure point is located at the end of this crease. Massaging this area for 3-5 minutes is known to help with stomach problems and indigestion.

• Stomach 36. To find this pressure point, look to the front side of your shin and leg muscles. Place your hand below the kneecap. The pressure point is located near your small finger on the outer potion of the leg bone. Massage this area for up to four minutes to relieve nausea.

• Pericardium 6. This pressure point is located on the inside of the wrist. To find it place your first three fingers on the inside of the left wrist just below the base of the palm between the two tendons in the middle of the wrist. Press this pressure point gently to help relieve nausea.

• Stomach 44. You can find this pressure point between the second and third toes on the top of the foot. Place pressure between the tendons of these toes and you will be able to feel the pressure point. Massaging this area for 5-6 seconds for 3 or more reps, moving your finger down toward the webbing between the toes will provide best results.

• Conception Vessel 2. Look for this pressure point approximately 2 inches above the pubic bone. You should note a depression in this area where the pressure point is located. Massage this area for 3-5 minutes to relieve nausea and any accompanying weakness and fatigue.

• Hand Point. Locate the pressure point on the webbing between the index finger and thumb. Hold your hand out with the palm down and pinch this webbing with your opposite fingers for 15-30 seconds to relieve a headache. This pressure point should not be used if you are pregnant.

• Wrist Point. Hold your hand palm down and note the area two inches above the crease of the wrist. This is approximately three finger breaths above the wrist between the bones of the arm. Massage this point for 15-30 seconds using the opposite hand, then repeat on your other arm for relief.

• Head Point. Lie on your back placing the hands on either side of your head. Place the thumbs on the back of the skull in the depression around two inches from the midline of the neck. Pressing into this pressure point and massaging for 1-2 minutes can relieve headaches centered in the back of the head.

• B 2. Locate this pressure point on either eye socket near the bridge of the nose. The exact point is located just on the inside edge of the eyebrow. Apply pressure gently to this area with the thumb, pinching or massaging to help relieve sinus pain, eye irritation, headaches and congestion.

Those that regularly suffer from menstrual cramps can use pressure points to relieve them. In a study at the University of Maryland showed that those who took advantage of this technique saw a significant improvement in their symptoms over the placebo group.

• Bigger Rushing Point. You can find this pressure point on the webbing of the toes between the second and third toes around a half inch above the depression in the toes. Apply light pressure to this area, first pressing toward your second toe for one minute and then pushing in the opposite direction for one minute. Using the pressure points on both feet simultaneously can provide the best relief.

• Returning Point. This point is located two thumb widths out from the center of the abdomen. You can find this point by locating the pubic bone and then moving two finger widths to the side of this area. Apply pressure to this point in a rhythmic fashion to relieve cramping.