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We stayed in the yurt. Good experience especially since it poured and rained and poured and rained for a day. We were dry. It is a floored big tent with a deck all around. The sides are not solid but firm. There is a table electricity deregulation with 4 chairs ,3 sets of bunk beds a ceiling fan. There are floor lamps and 2 standing fans as well. Two coleman stoves with cooking space outside on the deck. It is Very close to the showers and bathrooms good and static electricity in the body bad as the men’s room door slammed shut with a loud clang. 55 dollars a night. There is no heat or cooling system. Windows will open by unzipping. The floor is plywood and is not pretty but it was fine for price. Solid door can be locked. The electricity usage calculator south africa campground around the lake is patrolled by many geese. A few mallards were around as well. The yurt is not sound proof the geese were a bit loud one morning as were the crows. That is camping. The gas nozzle stuck in car geese are messy. The crows were there only that one morning. Our bathroom was not up to the usual state park standards. The bathroom was never mopped. The other bathrooms in the park have gas gas warm water in the sinks but this one doesn’t. I found the other bathrooms were much cleaner in other parts of the campground as well. The parks trails are excellent. There is a new trail on the way into the campground that is handicap accessible it is wonderful. Also many wildflowers are planted around so stay on the smooth concrete. Really nice electricity usage by country creek runs along this circle path. Some benches as well. On one end of the campground is a nice group of trails we did 2 of the 3. Both well marked. Saw deer and turkey on the more rugged of the 2. The waterfall was gushing from electrical supply company near me all of the rain. There is a nice creek the runs along the white blaze trail. We had good instructions from a ranger on taking the white trail backwards. We have a person with an old knee injury in the group. This part is lakeside gas constant in atm and is flatter than if you did the whole white trail. The power plant or maybe it is Alcoa is a little odd to view across the lake. Surreal in the fog. There is a hum from it that I caught during our hike. It is a easy 20 minute drive to hot springs. There are many cool cabins that would be worth checking out. It was youtube gas monkey to cold to be on or in lake during this weekend. There are many docks that are well maintained all along the campground electricity inside human body. The sites look like most are shady. While we were here only the dogwoods were beginning to bloom. I wish the bathroom was better as the others were excellent. There is more tent camping where we were so maybe it is a different system for the tents. Cold water to wash face before bed is not fun. I have spent many summers on this lake but it was as a young man. This lake has fond gas oil ratio chainsaw memeories for me. I knew Catherine for whom the lake is named. I stayed at her families estate. It is a nice lake and the campground is good. The Park employees were very nice and full of good info. We have a airstream that we take to different state parks. We will be back in the camper. The Yurt was fun and really easy. I know better how to do the static electricity in the body effects yurt know that I have stayed in one.