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In Prey, you play the role of Morgan Yu and on a space station called Talos I. You will learn more about what is going on in this space station and what are the objectives once you start playing. We are not going to explain in details what the story is, we leave that to you so that you will experience and enjoy it on your own. Suffice to say, you will be fighting alien creatures and fortunately you are on a station which is developing stuff to make humans faster and stronger through Neuromods. You can get Prey download for PC and then check everything out.

From what we have seen so far, it feels similar to what we saw in BioShock titles. The Plasmids we saw in BioShock that enhanced humans can be compared to the enhanced humans in Prey. The setting is also similar where you are stranded in the underwater world in BioShock the same way you are stuck on space station. You can get Prey download for free for PC then you can see what it feels like and if you have already played BioShock then you will know what we are talking about. Prey PC Download Free

Prey feels like it’s been built with keeping in mind players who both loved the old RPG title but wanted newer, modern mechanics in them as well. The environment is vast and explorable and has many interactive elements to keep you busy. You will be playing it non-stop and will easily clock more than 40 hours easily before you know. The stealth elements are weak but the combat is only slightly better. But that doesn’t mean you will not enjoy it, as said before, you will be engrossed enough that you will not know how much time it takes to reach the end of the story. Download Prey for free for PC from this page and enjoy it as much as we did.

The missions take you through a linear path, at least initially. When you go on side quests you will discover many new shortcuts and the game will evolve to an open world one. You can also go out into the space through an airlock and float out of the space station then find your way to the required area to find the next part of your quest. Outside, you will find less aliens compared to the station itself which has too many aliens for comfort. You can get Prey PC download for free and play.

The combat as we said earlier is not the best we hoped for. Though, once you get the abilities that enhance your skills and powers, the combat takes a turn for the good. If you rely solely on the weapon in your hand the it will be disappointing experience. The choice of enemies is also questionable at times. The more you are unaware of the aliens the deadlier they are. You will face many kinds of aliens but the frequent encounter of Mimics makes it a tiresome experience. Prey free download is now online, get it and find out why we say that.

The longevity depends on how you play. If you play the side quests and all the missions, then you can go up to an almost 50 hours. Only the main campaign will take around 20 hours to complete but we suggest you to explore all the side quests as well. You will be backtracking through areas that you have passed through before. Each time you go from the same location you can access some part of it that was not accessible before because you didn’t have the ability required to access that area. So gaining abilities means you will get more explorable areas. Get Prey PC download and do that now.

Talos 1, the space station is on par with Rapture from BioShock. It has something on offer each time you pass an area that you have already explored. The side quests and the variety of enemies and the terror that they will unleash makes the environment a joy to play in. The combat and stealth elements are a letdown which can make it a little annoying to play for long times. But the uniqueness of all the other elements more than makes up for it. You can grab Prey download for PC then enjoy it.

Use uTorrent to open one of the links from links page and save the files to get an ISO file after finishing the download. Then you can double click that ISO file to get a virtual DVD, this works only after you install Daemon Tools, so do that first. Then you can install prey on PC from the DVD and copy the files as told in instructions below.

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