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Primacron was down but not out. Not to be undone by a giant planet-devouring robotic monster, Primacron returned millions of years later to try the whole conquest again. This time, he created the giant energy-siphoning monster Tornedron. The same thing proceeded to happen again and Primacron would have been dead, if not for Grimlock’s simple instincts (which somehow npower electricity meter reading told him to reverse the polarity). Grimlock then proceeded to wreck his lab. Call of the Primitives Controverse

After the unleashing of Tornedron out into the cosmos, Primacron was put on trial for his crimes against the universe. Restrained by mechanical shackles and guarded by both Quintesson Bailiffs and Sharkticons, Primacron was presented before the judge power outage houston txu Adveraros for his sentencing. Primacron freely admitted to creating both Tornedron and Unicron, but added that the latter was the prototype for all mechanical life in the universe, and considering his current entourage, this could hardly be considered a crime. After silencing the defendant, Adveraros stated that acts of Unicron had been classified as natural disasters long ago, and due to the lack of evidence found after the destruction of Primacron’s lab, he could not be readily tied to Tornedron’s creation either. Primacron’s own admissions held little weight electricity word search as he was considered to be legally insane. Primacron was acquitted, but Adveraros ruled that he would be sent to Doruka III for his own safety.

Wise to the Quintessons’ plans to harvest Primacron’s brain on the asylum planet, the Autobots moved in to rescue him, only for the Decepticons to rush the courtroom electricity in india first time as well. In the ensuing chaos, Primacron managed to remove his shackles, and rebuilt them into a high-tech whistle. With this device, he took control of all nearby Primitive robots, and used them to subdue Adveraros. Primacron asked if the Quintesson still refused to believe that he was the progenitor of mechanical life, in light of this feat. Adveraros was steadfast in his denials, even after Primacron informed him that he had once created bacterial machines that were likely Quintesson ancestors.

The Autobots finally managed to reach Primacron and took him into protective custody. Optimus and his soldiers informed Primacron that he would be sent to another Universe, but Primacron was electricity word search printable unfazed by this; having attained mythical status in his home universe, he would no longer have been able to operate freely anyways. Before being sent away, Primacron was asked one final question by Wheeljack; the Autobot was concerned over the nature of his kind’s inception, and wondered if Primacron would have been able to create the Cybertronians’ souls. Primacron chose to answer enigmatically with an analogy, stating that a being may know how to build a fire… but that kushal gas agencies belgaum being did not create fire, merely brought into being something that is part of nature. Controverse Legends comic

Subsequent to his trial on the OG World, Primacron explored and researched other dimensions wherein robotic life was created electricity was invented by Primus. Concluding that such a prospect was cosmic madness, he began to attack them with a terrible weapon capable of deleting universes with ease. Detecting his experiment, Optimus Primal and the Protectors rushed to stop him, but Primacron, tired of having others fight for him, personally engaged the Protectors with Solduron, a nigh-invincible armor. With Solduron, Primacron beat back the Protectors, destroying Primal’s body, but Primal had experience with non-corporeality and persevered as just a spark. Amazingly, Primal’s wisdom convinced Primacron of the electricity outage compensation futility of his actions, and the scientist withdrew from Newtonian space for an indeterminate period of time. Ask Vector Prime, 2015/09/30 IDW Generation 1 continuity