Prime minister chronicles india’s response to climate change in la gasolina mp3


“ I sincerely hope that the investments in Solar Power, with our ambitious target, will bring reliable electricity additionally to millions of Indians on the one hand and reduce emissions on the other. While we reserve our right to develop our economy, our commitment to achieving low carbon goals remains unequivocal.” This was stated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his book, “ Convenient Action: Continuity for Change”, published by Lexis Nexis which was recently launched.

He further states in the book, “My deep conviction in the complementary and supplementary relationship between man and nature has been a renewable resource steering my mind to fight climate change. Dealing with climate change and protecting the Earth for present and future generations is definitely a moral issue justified in terms of universalistic moral ethics and also what Aristotle termed as ‘ Situational Ethics’.

The book chronicles Mr. Narendra Modi’s vision and commitment to the climate change cause and represents a big step forward in the significant efforts which India is taking to implement initiatives and transform itself into a low carbon economy, for making a real positive difference to the global environment. Building on a model of positive partnership between people, businesses, scientific community, government and NGOs, Mr. Modi’s proposal calls for delivering clean energy and prosperity through site-dependent initiatives and scaling up efforts to make rapid transformation.

Mr. Modi mentions in this book published by LexisNexis India, that, “ the Indian civilization has historically been conscious of the need to be in harmony with nature. The roots of this belief are steeped deep in Indian culture, pointed expression of which for respecting nature can be found in several Indian scriptures like the Vedas. The book is only a humble attempt to document initiatives and innovations that we have undertaken and experimented first in the State of Gujarat and now across India that have directly or indirectly but significantly, contributed and will continue to contribute to the adaptation and mitigation of climate change.”

During the event, Mr. Modi emphasized on the need for convergence of economy, energy and ecology and to broaden the outlook and vision from Climate Change to Climate Justice – to take care of the concerns of the poor and future generations in the journey towards sustainable development. Prime Minister Narendra Modi proposed a ‘paradigm shift’ on climate change, which means a more active promotion of clean technologies dissemination and development of renewable energy. This is what we would like to achieve and operationalize through the future agreement. “When we speak of climate justice, we demonstrate our sensitivity and resolve to secure the future of the poor from the perils of natural disasters," said Mr. Modi.

This book highlights Mr. Modi’s vision and strategy for advancement of practical policy development towards positive climate action and paves the way for integration of climate change adaptation into all aspects of policy formulation and implementation. “LexisNexis is proud to have published this book and the rationale for ‘Climate Ethics to Climate Justice’ concurs with LexisNexis’ broader purpose – which is to advance the Rule of Law," said Mr. T J Viljoen, APAC CEO of LexisNexis Legal & Professional. Mr. Mohan Ramaswamy, Managing Director, LexisNexis India said that, “ we are delighted to have published this book and will be making it available globally to enable other nations to learn and benefit from India’s response to Climate Change.”

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