Prince william’s homeless living on the fringe headlines electricity rate per kwh philippines


Prince William County and its partner nonprofits will use the annual assessment to reapply for grants administered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The survey is designed to not only count the homeless but also collect information about how people end up that way.

The floor is insulated with carpeting, the top layer a mocha-brown remnant they found in a Dumpster behind a nearby flooring store. Thermal blankets are pinned together to cover the roof. A plastic tarp is draped over the top. Still, the zippered door is drafty. An inner flap secured with Velcro blows open with the wind.

A small propane heater sits on the floor. The television is plugged into a gasoline-powered generator outside. The couple uses a second tent to store food and a cooler, where they stash frozen meat when they have it. “Last night we fixed deer meat, green beans and potatoes,” Graziose said.

Graziose says she often feels too weak to go outside. She’s losing weight but doesn’t know why. She once weighed about 150 but is now down to 104. Her liver disease, which has advanced to cirrhosis, is in remission. She sees a doctor once a month.

Help to get out of the woods is the one thing Entremont and her fellow Woodbridge Homeless Outreach volunteers know they cannot provide. The couple could spend nights in the winter emergency shelter if they wanted to, but they could not stay together. Subsidized housing options for couples with low incomes and no dependent children are scarce.

Although Fairfax County has more than 1,000 subsidized units for its poorest residents, Prince William County has fewer than 30. Most of are “transitional housing,” meaning clients must be referred from homeless shelters or must be employed.

Bonnie Graziose’s husband was not mentioned in the article, but he looks healthy to me. I believe I’ve seen this guy at the corner of PWC Pkwy & Michaels on the day I had a flat tire last week. I watched him. He was quite healthy and had a cell phone, and sticking dollars in his pocket. He had gloves on and then decided to take them off even though it was freezing outside. Maybe to help people to feel sorry for him. As much time as these people spend on the corners begging, they could be working at Walmart, a grocery store, McD’s, etc. I watched another guy that kept peddling on that same corner. He was a strong and healthy guy. I watched him leave and walk over to PWC Pkwy and Telegraph Rd to the 7 – 11. I went inside and watched to see what he was doing. He stood at a table, pulled out his money, counted it and went and purchased Cig’s and Beer. This is what those people who contribute money to their demise are encouraging. They only want money to support their addiction, unless they are doing it to help them die quicker. The Bible say if a man does not work neither shall he eat. If you really want to help these people, offer in ways to help them out and up of their situation. Offer to help them fill out an application to get a job. You need a mailing address to get a job. They can use the Hilda Berge center for a mailing address. 34 years together is a long time to be married and this is all you have to offer. WoW

When I was managing a bar in Woodbridge, I made acquaintance with many of the homeless population in the area. Some were beggars and bums, sure, but many were some of the hardest working people I know. One worked for me at the bar 7 nights a week, at Walmart, and did other construction jobs as they became available. There was also a mother and son who would take the bus up to the Patriot Center and work there whenever there were events. Housing is expensive in PWC, there are multiple year wait lists to get into affordable apartments like Dale Forest, and when you get an apartment you often have to have security deposit as well as first/last month’s rent. There are many jobs where people can work hard and still not earn enough to afford an apartment or house by themselves. And with the ACA causing many companies to move people to part-time instead of full-time to avoid having to subsidize their insurance, don’t be surprised if the homeless population in our area grows larger in the future. It would do you good to meet some of the area’s homeless and learn about them firsthand instead of sitting on your computer spouting generalizations and untruths.