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So I told her that the pan was not a surprise because it was not listed gas vs electric oven temperature as a surprise and two, it said incentive for me. So she said, Yes it is your incentive and we paid for those so that you can get them as a thank you. She said she was going to look into it and then call us back. She called us back and again tried to say that my incentive that she had already told me was my thank you gift for the demonstration was input gas tracker incorrectly and why it was not charged. So I told her then we need the 8$ back we paid for it and the $8 dollars for the other missing one. Her response? Oh it went as a credit on your princess account. And when we asked where on the types of electricity consumers receipt does it show that we have 16$ credit pending still, she said oh well its not going to show there. I don’t understand how she cannot read her own written receipts as well as the invoice of the order and try to find excuses and not send me the missing surprises.

This has been a headache. A big headache. $16 dollars were stolen from ladies that I invited to the demonstration and ordered their product and now they are making up all these excuses as to where electricity omd they might be and not get a straight answer or proof. I have all my receipts to prove everything and I’ve even asked Mrs. ** to come to the house so we are not playing phone tag but all of a sudden she is too busy to come but when it was in her interest to do the shell gas credit card 5 demonstration she called us all the time, was on top of everything and would take the time to come. I’m even having my daughter send her pictures through text messages to show her the proof that 10 surprises were paid for vs only 8 surprises being ordered and shipped out to my residence.

I am beyond bp gas locations aggravated with their customer service and the inability to fix and admit the error they made on their end which is now going on for a week. Not only is it making me look bad to the ladies I have to distribute their orders to but, it’s embarrassing to have to let them know that they are going to be shorted surprises because someone at princess house cannot get it together. Mrs. Sylvia ** is now trying to give us a pity party by saying that the lady in charge of her is making her pay for her errors. That is not my issue and power outage houston report something she needs to take up with her manager. I just want what was paid for and if they can gas stoichiometry problems’t provide that then I am demanding my $16 dollars that I have to now pay back to the ladies that ordered through my demonstration at the least. I’m attaching the copy of the invoice that came with the boxes as well as the written invoices made by Mrs. Sylvia ** as proof.

Finally I was at a fair where there was a booth. The gal give me the address and phone number to call. The person I talked to was so rude. Finally my husband wrote a letter that he would report them to the BBB. Same action. Received a phone call telling me to pack everything that was broken t gasthuys and send it in. They would pay for shipping and replace all pieces. Well almost a year before I was able to get it back. Rude, said they never received the box, then it was my fault, again couldn’t find 3 gases that cause acid rain the box. Then finally I get this big box delivered from the mailman. Whatever had been sent was nothing but broken glass. No return label.

Opened it up and here were broken dishes. I actually think it was mine I had originally sent in. But this time they electricity png had not been wrapped up in any kind of shipping material. The pieces I had sent in were mostly just broke in half not in a million pieces. They purposely, I feel, sent them back like that. They knew they would be in a million pieces. Tried calling, writing. I just gave up. I have never bought anything from them again.