Private school tax credit scholarships go to 109 children

About 110 students — mostly in Kansas City, Kan., and Topeka — attended private schools last school year under a state tax credit that funds scholarships for low-income families.

It was the first school year in which such scholarships were awarded. Electricity use estimator The program is poised to grow as Catholic schools in Wichita and southeast Kansas join the list of options to choose from.

“We’re excited about it because it will give us the opportunity to serve more low-income students,” said Bob Voboril, superintendent of schools in the Diocese of Wichita. Arkansas gas and oil commission “Anything that supports education — public or private, elementary, secondary or post-secondary — is a good thing.”

Topeka Board of Education president Patrick Woods said the state is already struggling to pay its bills on time and adequately fund public schools.

Four corporations or businesses donated a combined total of $720,000 to fund Catholic school tuition over the past 12 months, according to annual reports filed this summer with the Kansas State Department of Education.

Those dollars are earmarked for attending the Catholic schools of northeast Kansas — the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas, which stretches from the Missouri border west as far as Marysville.

In return for those donations, the donors will be able to subtract up to a combined $504,000 from their state tax bills. Electricity projects for grade 6 Therein lies part of the controversy for those who oppose the tax credit program and see it as state support for private schools.

But for the students who receive scholarships paid with these donations, Kansas’ tax credit program is a ticket to the private K-12 schools that they or their parents may prefer.

During the 2015-16 school year 99 students received scholarships to attend Catholic schools in northeast Kansas, including 29 children in Topeka who enrolled in St. V lab electricity Matthew, Holy Family and Most Pure Heart of Mary grade schools. Us electricity hertz Sixty-three scholarships were for Catholic schools in Kansas City, Kan., four for a school in Leavenworth, two for a school in Shawnee and one for a school in Ottawa.

That leaves plenty in the bank still to spend. Gas in chest By state law, 90 percent of the donations must go to scholarships within 36 months of receipt.

The Urban Prep Academy didn’t receive any donations during the recently concluded 12-month reporting period, but divvied out these scholarships from a $50,000 donation made prior to that.

Pastor Wade Moore, the school’s founder, says the 10 students will receive the same awards this school year, paid for with a fresh $50,000 donation only received after the most recent reporting deadline.

Kansas is now in its third fiscal year since the inception of the tax credit program, but only Urban Prep and northeast Kansas Catholic Schools are actively participating.

A handful of would-be participants haven’t secured any donations. Electricity word search printable And a few only recently completed statutory paperwork to join the program (Topeka Lutheran School) or are still working on it (Diocese of Wichita schools).

The Diocese of Wichita covers a quarter of Kansas, stretching from the southeast corner and encompassing the boundaries of the state’s largest public school district, Wichita USD 259.

Voboril estimates nearly one-third of students statutorily eligible to receive scholarships under the tax credit program live within the boundaries of his diocese.

Kansas’ tax credit tuition program dates to 2014, when the Legislature passed a bill allowing corporations and businesses to donate money for families with low-incomes to send their children to private school.

To be considered for a scholarship, a child must attend one of 99 public schools deemed to be low performers based on the schools’ standardized test scores. Electricity merit badge worksheet answers This is meant to give the child the option of leaving such schools.

That concept is in itself controversial, because educators and education experts don’t necessarily agree schools with low test scores provide a poor education. Electricity billy elliot chords Some contend these schools face greater challenges for demographic reasons and need more resources.

Most of these 99 schools are in the state’s three major high-poverty urban districts: Kansas City Unified School District 500, Wichita USD 259 and Topeka USD 501.

Children under the age of 6 in these attendance zones can receive scholarships even if they haven’t yet begun attending their local public school.

State law caps annual scholarships at $8,000 per child. Electricity towers in japan Private schools can participate regardless of whether they are accredited by the state (as Catholic schools are) or not accredited (like Urban Prep Academy).

The tax credit applies to certain categories of tax that some corporations and businesses pay, meaning private individuals can’t currently make donations and claim the credit.

Private schools can’t collect donations directly. Gas in back and stomach Instead, they must establish or work with separate nonprofit intermediaries that gather the donations and grant the scholarships. Electricity prices per kwh 2013 These organizations must request permission from the Kansas State Department of Education to grant scholarships. Electricity games The education department verifies whether each child fits the statutory eligibility requirements.

The Catholic Education Foundation raises donations on behalf of northeast Kansas Catholic Schools. Grade 9 electricity unit test answers The Urban Preparatory Academy’s fundraising organization is called Christian Faith Centre. Gaston yla agrupacion santa fe Topeka Lutheran School’s is called Topeka Lutheran School Foundation.

Support for Catholic Schools Inc. Tgas advisors company profile is the newly established nonprofit that will handle donations for the Diocese of Wichita schools. Electricity icons free Voboril expects Support for Catholic Schools to complete necessary paperwork for federal tax-exempt status by the end of this calendar year, after which fundraising can begin. Power outage houston today Potential donors are already expressing interest, he said.

Wichita Catholic schools lag behind their northeast Kansas counterparts because the way the tax credit law was originally written required donations to be doled out as scholarships to families. Electricity voltage in germany The Diocese of Wichita schools don’t charge tuition unless families aren’t parish members, which means scholarships weren’t an option.

Parishioners in this part of the state fund their schools through voluntary tithing. Electricity worksheets ks1 The churches urge all parishioners to consider tithing, not just those with children.

The Wichita diocese lobbied to tweak the law, which the Legislature did, allowing the donations to cover the expenses of educating qualifying students regardless of whether the school charges tuition.

Voboril argues this is important because some parishes have had to limit the number of students they enroll because of insufficient funds. Electricity and circuits He is hoping the tax credit program will allow the schools to accept more students.

Bradford said there would be a new attempt to expand the program next spring after last spring’s bill to do so passed out of committee but didn’t proceed to a floor vote.

“We’re giving kids an opportunity to succeed, but the families of those children are still paying property taxes” that support public schools, he said.

But Woods says he believes private schools will cherrypick students without special needs that require cost-intensive resources. Electricity vs magnetism venn diagram He is concerned a lack of transparency will prevent the public from knowing.

He described the tax credit program as a stepping stone toward “a full-fledged voucher system” to subsidize private schools with public money.

Voboril, meanwhile, suggested Wichita Catholic schools’ participation in the scholarship program could mitigate the high number of low-income students concentrated into certain public schools. Electricity 2pm lyrics He noted Medicare can be used at religiously-affiliated hospitals without this constituting public support of religion.

In 2002, the U.S. Gas law questions and answers Supreme Court upheld an Ohio private school voucher program. F gas regulations In 2011, it found that taxpayers suing over an Arizona private school tax credit program couldn’t do so because the tax credits didn’t constitute state spending.

Catholic school enrollment in the state’s four dioceses was about 27,500 in 2006 and 1,600 students lower in 2016. Z gas cd juarez telefono Northeast Kansas Catholic schools lost 1,122 students.

A report from the National Catholic Educational Association says Catholic schools have struggled with enrollment for decades. Astrid y gaston lima menu prices More than 5 million children attended Catholic schools in the U.S. Gas under a dollar in the early 1960s, a peak that has since slid to 1.9 million.