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Ok, so I have my plan finalized. Since Caddylover used wisecos, I will use Pro-X, and we can compare over next season. Not that its a contest, but more options/data is good. This has probably been done, nothing new, but it seems there is always new guys coming thru running these sleds, and the guys that had them, are gone, and moved on. So, we will keep fresh info flowing.

Just to recapp, 2013 Rush Pro R 800, spring order retro graphic package, I believe its an Le? Electric start, Rox adjustable riser, helmet shield plug in, etc. It has Curve skis, skins bags on the rear, 96 studs, and is like new mint condition.

I will use Pro-X pistons. I like the cast hypereutectic idea in these vs forged. I know Wisecos will work fine, and they probably sell more pistons than anyone. I like the idea of these Pro-X pistons with the hard anodizing on the top, and the ring grooves. Also the teflon/moly coating on the skirt. Word on the street is they are good. Made in Japan too, not taiwan. Personally, I think thats better. I am not worried about the price, but they are much cheaper, like 2 for 1 vs the axys h.o. pistons I was going to run, and they come with quality upper rod bearings. Plus, I think they are better, with the specialized coatings on the different parts of the piston. I have a damaged head, leaning towards just buying a new factory replacement, to keep it simple, with no suprises.

The crank will get a once over. At 3100 miles, and since it will be apart, its kind of a no brainer. Cylinders will be sent to millenium, to be redone, as one of mine has a decent ding in it. Otherwise, it looks good. I may do a mild port job, before it goes in for replating. Will see. On the fence about that, now leaning towards not doing it. I just want to ride. Where we usually ride, I can’t use all the power of my strong running edge xc 700, so, I would imagine an 800 should be stronger.

Other mods, vforce3r reeds. For the gain in power, and longevity. I am going to try it with stock mapping first. If I need a tuner, I will. I will likely pick up a skidoo thermostat bypass kit from Northstar, get a vented oil cap, and adjust oil pump as needed to achieve that 50-60:1 range. I plan to make an additive cocktail that I will put in pre filled bottles, and carry a few with in my skins bags. lucas octane boost, start tron, and some 2 stroke oil. I will figure out the ratios etc for 10 gallons of gas. That may be overkill, but what the heck, shouldn’t hurt. Maybe some heat too. Not sure if I use star tron, if heat is needed, with non oxy. I will try to use non oxy fuel, as it seems to perform better with the stock mapping from what I gather on here? But if I have to use ethanol fuel, so be it. My xc 700 runs way better on it actually.

Other than that,when its apart, the typical maintenance stuff will be done. Fuel sock, fuel filter, jack shaft bearings, etc, I plan to gear down, probably just do the top gear, from 1.64:1 to 1.71:1 when that is apart, and of course I will play with the clutching. Will ride it stock at first, but I will be VERY suprised if I don’t need adjustments. Stock is 10-66, a 120-310 primary, I think, its a 64-42-.36 with a 150-200 secondary? The secondary stuff is off the top of my head, and is probably wrong. But, I know its fairly conservative, but it works fine, but, room for improvement. I forsee at least 10-68’s, and likely a slp 140/310 primary, and play with the secondary too.

I am going to have my rear shocks custom valved by Bruce at B-line control, and throw in some fresh, graphite slides, and go thru all the bearings in the wheels, and give the skid a once over. Should be good to go, and dang near new. Hopefully trouble free for many miles. Just thought I would try and keep the snowmobile interest going for a bit longer. I will update as I go. Going to start on it SOON. October will be here before we know it.

Yeah, will be interesting to see what they crank for compression. I am also running the vforce3r reeds. I will check that area too, I saw your thread about it. As far as the months to go, it seems like the time is FLYING, its already May in a few days. I am so under the gun at my shop its crazy, funny how that makes time fly.

I have a question about gearing. Is yours a switch back? Is that the difference in gearing, or was yours changed? Mine has 22/36, if you go to 21/37, that makes it 1.76:1. Your combo of 24/42, is 1.75. Whats the difference, and why the one way vs the other? In my case, the stock change will still work they say, and it improves the dog leg. I think a 1.71 may be good enough for mine, which is just the top dropped to a 21.

Clutching, is 64/42.36 133/203 spring in secondary. I know the "secret" in the gabes kit is the helix, obviously the springs are easily identifiable. Primary 120/310 and 10-66 is stock. I will give the clutching a go myself, just for the fun of it, I have a fair handle on how it all jives. If I end up with a couple helixes, so be it. Maybe just bite the bullet and get some Dalton adjustables, or the latest slp’s, makes it easier to dial in. Anyone have a helix that works and willing to share? I have seen 66/44 .42, I have seen something like 70/44 .42 mentioned before, and a stiffer secondary spring. Like 155/220 or 230.