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I guess if you believe everything you read in the papers. The level of probation is determined by the amount of money in your pocket in more than 50% of cases. Supervised if you can’t pay, unsupervised if you can. They drug test everyone on supervised no matter what their charge is. Defendants that can’t afford to pay fines and court cost the day they are sentenced have to pay an additional $84.00 a month for supervised probation and drug testing when that money could go toward their costs. Many probationers are held on supervised even after they pay their cost. Misdemeanor probation does not follow chain of custody allowing the probation department the opportunity to switch samples. And they call it justice. The county commissioners were informed of unlawful testing early 2011. When its proven that drug testing is not being done according to the requirements for test results to be admissible in court, probationers testing for the last two and a half years should all be entitled to their money back. Amber Prewitt uses a single half sheet of paper for their chain of custody form when samples are collected. Sorry but it requires a multi part custody and control form incorporated at the time samples are collected. Single samples are taken to the basement and tested by employees of the probation department, not in front of the donor. This creates more than just a conflict of interest. If samples are positive they are resealed by those same employees of the probation to be sent for verification. This allows for the tampering with or switching of samples. Sorry but when your imprisoning people using drug testing you don’t want to cut corners by creating your own half sheet of paper then calling it a chain of custody form to save money. And split samples are required because once a sample is opened it’s invalidated can not be resealed and sent for verification, period. The $36,000 annual savings lab could very well become a million dollar liability because of Amber Prewitt. It’s not a matter of if it can be proven testing is unlawful its a matter of when. The evidence has been obtained.

But hey as long as you don’t know they do what ever they want. State board of correction is granted constitutional authority in Article X, Section 5 of Idaho’s constitution to provide probation. No where in Idaho’s constitution are counties granted such authority. This is also in violation of Article 18, Section 12 Optional Forms Of County Government.

Probation is an enumerated power which must be delegated by the general assembly as was done in 1942 by granting the state board of correction such delegated authority. The enumerated powers were granted to the executive branch of government. The only way counties can legally or constitutionally provide misdemeanor probation services is by contracting through the state board of correction, a federally authorized program created specifically for this purpose. So what we have here is the most arbitrary form of county government in existence today. If you don’t know what constitutional authority is, I suggest you find out soon as possible. How ironic, county government violating the constitution while overseeing cases that are of less seriousness as far as crimes go than the government is committing itself. Makes a lot of sense.