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Product Upsell was the original Shopify "Upsell" app, and still the #1 reviewed and most loved upsell app, ever! It has been featured by Shopify as one of the Top 5 Apps Every Store Should Have, and has been listed as the #1 Recommend Sales App.

It’s the ONLY app that does Upsells, Cross-sells, and SMART upsells, all in one app! On top of all that, you can pair it with the Product Discount app and run amazing BOGO, and Give-away offers. (read below to learn more about all the different types)

Most importantly though, stores using Product Upsell have generated MILLIONS in extra revenue through upsell and cross-sell offers. The overall average conversion rate of upsell offers is 22%. Could you be making more on your store with the app? You bet!

Product Upsell app allows you to create Upsell and Cross-sell offers that display relevant add-on bundle, or upgrade, products at the point of adding a product to the cart, the click of the checkout button, or even AFTER the customer has made their purchase!

You can manually create the offers, or use the Bold Brain and it’s machine learning, let it do it for you based off data. It’s the BEST way to automate your upsells, and get the highest converting offers. Some stores using the Brain, have gone from 17% conversion, to over 65% conversion on their offers!

There are a number of "other" upsell apps out there. The Bold Upsell app was the original upsell app on Shopify. You could say, we invented it :-). It’s the only upsell app on Shopify backed by a team of over 170 people, on a server environment designed to handle traffic from SuperBowl commercials, with the friendliest support team the world just waiting to help you! Yes, we have had multiple stores have SuperBowl commercials with our apps and zero downtime 🙂

After a customer places an order, they’ve already entered all their payment and shipping info, the order is essentially submitted, but they have one last chance to get a crazy deal on a product! There’s a big timer on the offer counting down from 5 minutes to create urgency. To accept the offer, it’s just one click and it gets added to the current order. After 5 minutes the offer is gone, and the order generates without it.

Upsells are when you encourage your customers to spend a little more and replace what they’re buying with a better version, or upgrade. The key here is, if they accept the offer, it REPLACES the original product with the new upgraded version. No other Upsell app does that!

For example, if they’re buying a 1lb bag of coffee, when they click "add to cart" you could pop up an offer to upgrade to the 2lb bag. Or if they’re buying the $29 basic earrings, you offer to upgrade them to the earring & necklace kit for only $XX more.

Upsells, Cross-sells, One-Click post-purchase upsells… They’re awesome, and you probably want to do them all right? They all work in a unique way and have different effects. The beautiful thing about our app is you can do one, or ALL at the same time!

So for example, your customer could buy the 1lb bag of coffee, and when clicking "add to cart" get Up-sold the 2lb bag. They accept it, and go the cart and click "checkout" and get cross-sold extra coffee filters. They’ve added both to their cart, and you just made extra on the sale!

Sounds amazing so far right? Now take all that, and imagine if it was all SMART. Recently we introduced a product called the Bold Brain. We’ve been working on it for over a year, with the goal being to make stores smarter. It integrates with the Bold Upsell app, and fully automates your upsells, using data and machine learning to create the highest converting upsell offers possible!

If you like numbers, reports, and date, this is the upsell app for you! There’s a backend admin that will give you all the data you need on what upsells are converting the best, what products are converting the best, what’s the best trigger, and many other reports! Your "Add to Cart" conversions, your "Checkout" conversion, and so much more!

The Product Discount app is for running amazing sales on Shopify. Store-wide, collection, vendor, brand, or a group of handpicked products with a click! You can put live countdown timers on the products, sale icons, automatically tag the products on sale to make them show in a collection, and much more!

ONE of the neat things you can do when you create a sale on a product is Duplicate and Hide the product on sale. So let’s say you have a hat for sale for $30 in your store. With Product Discount, you can create a duplicate hidden version of it for $15, or even free, and then offer it in with the Upsell app, if they hit certain criteria.