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THE ECO-DEFENDER SERIES WATER HEATERuses the latest advances in technology and materials to reduce NOx emissions by 75% while delivering optimal combustion efficiencies. Each model meets the stringent South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) requirements for allowable NOx emissions. The burner features a super alloy radiant flame holder that assists in the overall reduction of emissions. gas bubbler The flame holder’s mesh material delivers superior resistance to corrosion and oxidation. A stainless steel diffuser evenly distributes the air/gas mixture across the flame holder. The series also incorporates the company’s proven FVIR technology to prevent flammable vapor ignition.

THE ADVANCED ZONE CONTROL LINE require only a single service relay. Models include single, three and four (expandable to six) zone configurations. The controls offer high resolution LED display for system status and zone function. They also include: priority and freeze protection options, multi-panel linking, multiple knockouts, and separate terminals for cold start or tankless coil boilers.

THE GREENWOOD WOOD BOILERis a wood-fired hydronic heater that operates at high efficiency (up to 85%) while producing extremely low levels of smoke, creosote and ash. Three different models are available with capacities of 100,000, 200,000 and 300,000 Btuh. The firebox is made of super-duty ceramic refractory material, cast four to six inches thick and surrounded by layers of insulation.

THE ARMOR COMMERCIAL WATER HEATERdelivers up to 98% thermal efficiency, and inputs up to 500,000 Btuh. It features a stainless steel heat exchanger, 5:1 modulating turndown and the SmartSystem operating control. Designed to be installed with a separate storage tank, the heater has built-in protections against lime scale accretion which can, over time, reduce efficiency.

THE NEW PUREFIRE GAS-FIRED CONDENSING BOILER is available for either natural or LP gas. This direct-vent, sealed-combustion boiler has a high, 95.85% efficiency and is Energy Star approved, with ASME and ETL certifications for both the U.S. and Canada. A fully modulating burner with three to one flame modulation assures dependable operation while maximizing efficiency. Features include a condensate management system with float switch protection and built-in neutralizer. The boiler offers zero clearance to combustibles, easy access to controls and levelling legs for easy installation, operation and maintenance.

THIS RANGEABLE WET/WET HIGH DP TRANSMITTER is a compact high differential pressure transducer, ideal for filter monitoring, HVAC hydronic cooling/heating and pump controls. A three-wire 4-20mA or 1-5 V DC output signal connects the transducer to external controls or data acquisition. It can accommodate wet or dry pressure media up to 300 psid.

THESE CRIMP JAWS are for use with the company’s Dura-PEX piping system. electricity explained This method of installing PEX is environmentally friendly as it requires no solder, flux, primer or solvent cement. Simply align the jaw properly over the crimp ring, fitting and tube, pull the trigger and the joint is completed. The jaws are available in sizes: ½", ¾", ⅝", 1" and 1¼". Each jaw includes a go/no go gauge for checking the integrity of the joint.

THE MODULEX LINE OF CONDENSING BOILERS offers units with capacities ranging from 300,000 to 1 million Btuh, and can now support projects with higher working pressure — up to 92 psig. They are equipped with 2½" NPT water inlet/outlet connection, resulting in lower pressure drop across the boiler, making them suitable for a wider variety of hydronic applications.

A NEW SPADE BIT SET is now offered that includes nine black oxide bits and an LED headlamp for hands-free convenience. The bits cut three times faster than standard spade bits due to an innovative threaded tip that pulls the bit through the wood. The pulling action of the bit means less pressure is needed behind the bit, making overhead applications easier on the arms. Kits include six 6" bits ranging from ⅜" to 1" and three 4" “stubby” bits in ½", ¾" and 1“ diameters.

THE FYRITE INSIGHT COMBUSTION ANALYZER can be upgraded and re-calibrated in the field, saving valuable downtime. It can function as a room air CO test instrument, a flue gas CO tester, a dual channel digital thermometer (up to 999°F) and a digital manometer to measure draft, gas pressure and ESP. It can provide up to 100 combustion, pressure and temperature records.

THE PRESTIGE COMFORT SYSTEM THERMOSTAT is a high-end, wired high-definition, full-color programmable device enabled with wireless technology. Contractors can download their company logo and contact information right into the unit for immediate customer convenience. It sets up in minutes; homeowners can program it themselves by answering a series of simple prompts.

THE NEW TYPE 563 PVC AQUA BUTTERFLY VALVE is designed specifically for non-chemical water applications. The low-cost valve is suitable for use in swimming pools, water parks, aquariums, water processing and filtration systems. It is available in sizes from 2" to 12" with either a lockable hand lever that moves in 5° increments, or with a gear-operated wheel. A glass-filled polypropylene body and a specially engineered body seal with a Q-shaped O-ring eliminates the need for flat gaskets, allowing for easy installation between ANSI and DIN flanges. It is bi-directional, with operating temperatures from 32°F to 142°F and a wetted inner body of PVC for optimum compatibility.

THIS NEW MIG GUN NECK GRIP helps reduce heat exposure and operator fatigue. Constructed of a high-temperature silicone rubber tube that slides onto all of the company’s Q-gun and S-gun necks, the grip increases the accuracy and control of operators who prefer to rest the neck of their gun on their hand or forearm, using it as a pivot point while welding.

THE SANISHOWER SPRAY HEAD AND HOSE is designed for use in hospitals and other residential care facilities. It features an inorganic anti-microbial treatment that retards the growth of bacteria and odor-causing molds and mildews. It provides a gentle spray pattern that is ideal for use in burn wards. It has an eco-friendly 2.0 GPM water consumption rate and can easily retrofit most hand showers on the market.

THE PUSH-CONNECT HIGH-PERFORMANCE PUSH-ON STOP combines dual O-rings and a pre-inserted tube stiffener to deliver watertight security and contaminant sealing. No tools are needed to ensure a secure fit. The stop is available in angle or straight configurations and is compatible with PEX, copper and CPVC for maximum application flexibility.

THE SERIES FBV-3-PRESS, TWO-PIECE FULL-PORT BRASS BALL VALVE is for use with the company’s ProPress piping system. electricity transmission loss Its integral press fitting tailpieces are designed to be quickly and easily pressed, and are rated at 200 psi at 210°F. They feature a dezincification-resistant brass body, adjustable packing gland and a bottom-loaded blowout proof stem.

THE MULTI-X COMPACT CORDLESS TOOL is built around the company’s compact lithium-ion battery. It is lightweight (just 2.2 lb.) with a grip circumference of just 6.88". It can be adapted to any number of precision cutting, sawing and sanding tasks just by adjusting operating speed and swapping out accessories. A 240° adjustable tool holder and variable speed dial (5,000-20,000 RPM) multiply the variety of possible applications. It is compatible with many competitor accessories.

THE NEW M12 COPPER TUBING CUTTER is powered by a 12 v. lithium-ion battery. It features highly efficient gears making it able to perform over 200 cuts on a single charge. A close-quarter rotating head cuts installed copper tubing with as little as 1½" of clearance. Operating at 500 RPM, it automatically adjusts diameter to cut through ⅜"-1".

THE NEW AERIX HAND DRYER has an adjustable speed, giving facility managers the option of turning it up for fast drying in settings such as sports centers, schools and theme parks, or turning it down for quieter operation in museums or libraries. It uses 80% lesss electricity than other popular models. It does not pose a pollution risk or contribute to deforestation. Several models conform to the ADA anti-protrusion requirement. The streamlined dryer is available in several cover options: cast iron, white enamel-coated steel or stainless steel with a satin finish. Hands-free operation or push-button operated models are offered.

THE PRECISION RTD TEMPERATURE DATA LOGGER has a backlit LCD display for easy reading. The unit is powered by a 9 v. battery with a typical lifespan of one year at a one minute reading rate with the display off. z gas el salvador precios An optional AC adapter is available for continuous use with the display and backlight on. It has one of the largest memory capacities of any similar data recorder on the market.

THIS ½" FAUCET offers the reliability, affordability and standardization that foodservice professionals demand. Models are available for kitchens, lavatories, pot fillers and service sinks, with multiple configurations and a variety of spout lengths. Lavatory faucets are single- or dual-control, and offered in widespread design, with our without drain popup.

THESE BATHTUB DECKS fit most whirlpool-style tubs, and are compatible with nearly any bathroom decor. They can be trimmed using standard power tools, installed, and the bathtub can be easily dropped in. Edges are pre-finished on all four sides to make trimming and installing easy. Made of a reinforced solid-surface material, the decks are nearly half an inch thick. Each measures 48" × 96" with a choice of 29 different colors.

THE LITTLE GIANT NXTGEN CONDENSATE PUMP measures only 4.8" × 10.2", giving contractors installation flexibility in small spaces. An oil-resistant tank and check valve eliminates the problem of cracked tanks exposed to oil. electricity storage association It is ideal for the removal of condensate from air conditioners or high-efficiency gas furnaces. Features include an optional external overflow safety switch.

THE G&L SERIES GSP SANITARY PUMPS are available in ten casing sizes in two ranges (S1 and S2 series) to match pump performance to hydraulic requirements, delivering the best system efficiency. They are ideal for industries where clean and slightly charged, polluted abrasive or viscous liquids are to be transferred. They feature all electro-polished stainless steel parts. The large seal cavity is designed so there is enough turbulence to clean the inner seal of the pump, while an open seal chamber provides internal self-flushing.

THE RP 4A SERIES BACKFLOW PREVENTERS use a reduced pressure principle. They take up less space, allowing to them to fit smaller enclosures. They feature two “captured spring” check modules, independently accessible from the top. The modules are easily removed and can be replaced or disassembled for normal maintenance. Maximum working pressure is 175 psi, in an operating temperature range from 33°F to 140°F.