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Some decoders have built-in short circuit protection, others don’t. An incorrectly wired decoder can be destroyed when exposed to the track voltages used on a DCC layout. gas stoichiometry formula Any new, untried decoder install should never be placed on the layout, but on the programming track. Should there be an error, the decoder will not be destroyed on the program track, due to the current limiting feature.

The biggest problem people have with programming track is that if the a train enters the programming track, and the switch is set for programming, the power pickups of the locomotive will short the two segments together. To prevent this, you need to isolate the programming track from the running track so that in case a locomotive enters the programming track area when it is set to programming no harm is done.

With the solution provided below, the worst that will happen is that the train will stop running once the last power pickup enters the isolation area. (Some decoders may creep forward during programming as a method of acknowledging the command was accepted, which can be an issue when using a method like DecoderPro to write multiple CVs. Particularly on a sound decoder.)

To prevent a locomotive being programmed from accidentally shorting the program track you need a section of track as shown below. v gashi 2012 The programming section needs to be at least 50% longer than your longest locomotive and the isolating section must be longer than your longest locomotive too. electricity physics pdf The longer the programming track is the more useful it will be.

Remember, some will creep forward during programming, so the longer the track the better. Modern decoders have an acknowledgement feature built in. A program such as DecoderPro will send a new CV value to the decoder. If it works, the decoder will acknowledge this by briefly energizing the motor. grade 9 current electricity test DecoderPro can by the same method read the CV values. It just sends every possible value sequentially until the motor is energized. Thus, when programming a large number of values, or reading them back, the locomotive can creep forward quite a distance. Keep that in mind when planning the length of your programming track

This is an example of how to connect a 4PDT ( 4 pole, double throw ) switch to the track. gasco abu dhabi contact When the switch is in the up position both sections of the track are connect to the layout and act as part of the layout. When the switch is down, the program track (BROWN+BLACK wires) is connected to the program device and the Isolating section (RED wires) is totally disconnected and the LED turns on. electricity and circuits class 6 The red LED can be a signal near the track, or mouinted between the track, or on the front of the facia, or both.

The left half of the switch selects the power source that connects to the programming track (BROWN+BLACK wires). When the switch is in the up position, the programming track is connected to the layout, and acts as part of the layout. electricity transformer near house When the switch is down, the program track output from the command station is connected to the programming track.

If attempts to program the decoder result in unwanted changes, or a non-responsive decoder, a Programming Track Booster may be needed to overcome these issues. It would be connected between the command station/booster and the programming track, as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Sound decoders arrived after the NMRA defined the DCC standard, so the basic requirements for programming a decoder, while adequate, often do not work with sound equipped decoders which require more current during programming.

NOTE: This device will not solve problems created by the user during installation. It’s sole purpose is to make programming more reliable. ag gaston funeral home birmingham al The device may not be needed, depending on the DCC brand/model chosen by the user. As always, consult the decoder and Program Track Booster manufacturer, or your dealer, to determine if this device would help.