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To date, we have identified 1000+ (and growing) unique commercial wine producers in Napa County. ortega y gasset They are all listed in this database. To the best of our knowledge, this is one of the most often independently updated and most exhaustive lists of Napa commercial wine producers to be found. This list has been updated daily, weekly or monthly continuously since 2006.

As of September 2018 according to the TTB (Federal: Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau) there are 1000+ permits within Napa County for production, bottling, importation or distribution of beverage alcohol products and over 6000 permits in the USA – this means Napa County has slightly more than 10% of the countries’ permits. This public information is updated several times per year and can be referenced here. Note that a number of Napa wineries have multiple permits.

The County of Napa also maintains their own Napa winery list in a auto PDF download format – showing existing wineries and proposed wineries. The latest update we show is from September 2017 listing some 511 wineries, although note that some are listed 2x. Looking for a list of under consideration projects or user permit modifications (mostly wineries) in Napa County? Click here

For those interested in how many unique physical winery facilities there are in Napa County – this is the best guess we can come up with at this stage of our project: out of the 950+ unique wineries/producers we have personally visited, we have identified about 400 of these having unique physical bonded locations (a winery) within Napa County where commercial wine is made. There are many more bonded winery locations in the county – with many of them in business and industrial parks in or near the city of Napa. We estimate there to be somewhere between 475-500 physical wineries in total in Napa County (including bonded garagiste wineries). We have counted 140+ winery caves within the Napa Valley (although some of these are not bonded). ag gaston birmingham 120 Email comments or corrections about any of this to

We include all wineries whose production is so small that all or much of their wine is exclusively distributed via a mailing list. These wineries are not setup to receive visitors so we have not highlighted the actual ‘tasting experience’, rather we focus on their history, the wine/tasting notes, information about the winery and where you can find their wines. Our reviews of mailing list only wineries are exclusively posted on this website. Addresses are left out of the reviews and phone numbers may also be left out upon request.

This is a major time intensive process, which we continue to do on a weekly basis. We subscribe to a number of mailing lists for individual Napa wineries, attend trade tastings and educational events and in addition we revisit a number of wineries for updates. Since we started, we have removed and archived 100+ Napa winery/producer/tasting room reviews because they are no longer making wine commercially in Napa or have shut down various operations – plus another approximately 100+ wineries/producers we never had a chance to review before they “went away”.

• Open by Appointment – there is a huge range in this category. gas in back shoulder Some wineries are setup to take largergroups and may have tours, some are so small the tastings may be at their house and they do not encourage visitors unless you are a serious wine enthusiast. You may taste with a group of people outside of your party or taste with just your party (depends on wineries’ policy);

Note: many of these listings don’t actually operate their own physical winery and are “virtual” wineries. The extensive list above is based on hours and hours of research and monthly multiple updates. Our database includes the top 3 bulleted items in the above list plus a separate section for collectives. austin electricity outage This lengthy list stays updated by referencing 30+ already printed & online winery lists including the TTB and ABC. Furthermore, from time to time we physically visit wine shops in Napa county with pen and paper and jot down any unfamiliar labels. We also visit each one of the winery websites (if available) – if no website is available we call the winery to make sure they are in business. We subscribe to a number of wine related sites including some that contain winery listings. Wine forums and social media are also an excellent resource for new releases and new Napa wineries. Lastly we attend select public and trade only tastings.

One winery may have several different “labels”, especially the larger wineries and a label may be from a vintner who does not have an actual winery. If one winery produces multiple labels we do not list each of these labels separately, rather we have listed their labels under the parent winery listing. All efforts have been made to list only unique Napa wineries and commercial Napa wine producers. Napa wineries who taste at area collectives or tasting bars have been listed with their parent collective as well as having there own listing.

The master winery list above contains wineries who must make & bottle their wine in Napa County and in addition, must use grapes from the Napa Appellation for at least one of their wines. Any winery/producer that sources fruit almost exclusively from Napa, but makes their wine outside of Napa county is noted in the database in the “notes” column by this red # symbol. v gas station Of interest to those looking to visit Napa for tastings, out of all the wineries/producers on our list, we estimate about 40% are walk-in or appointment only and the other 60% are private and generally do not see visitors.