Projecta ic2500 12v battery charger power supply 25amp 7 stage multi chemistry ebay electricity storage association


This charger has met my needs and I’m extremely happy with this purchase. Although there are some issues, they are very minor and did not affect my choice as I knew about them before I bought it. I’ve owned a lot of chargers but this is one of the best I’ve used so far.

1. The charger has the usual battery clips to hook onto your battery and it does have cable lugs as well if you want to hard wire it to your battery. The only issue with this is that you need to use an Allen key to remove the cable lug from the battery clips as this is how they connected the wires to the clips. I would have preferred a quick disconnect terminal for you to quickly change between the two connection options. If you do decide to modify the charging cable, like a previous reviewer mentioned you will need to be careful with the sensor wire located IMSIDE the charging cable otherwise you will get an error message. This is probably why they didn’t use a quick disconnect option but that could have easily been rectified if they really wanted to.

2. I would have also preferred the choice of using the desulphation mode whenever I want to use it regardless of the current battery voltage but this charger will only go into that mode automatically if the voltage is under 11volts (unlike my previous chargers).

3. The backlight of the LCD screen on the remote control is able to turn off after a period of not pushing any buttons. Which is great. However, the backlight of the main LCD on the actual charger is always illuminated and does not turn off after any period of time unless the mains power is off. It’s a minor thing but it would have been a nice feature to have.

4. For the power supply mode to work, it must be connected to a battery and then you have the load run of the battery. If you want to use the charger as a power supply without a battery then this is only possible with their smaller amp models (15amp and under). This doesn’t matter for me at all, but it may for others.

1. One great thing I noticed was that if you decide to connect the remote control to the charger, it is able to give the voltage reading of the battery regardless of whether the charger is connected to the mains or not (on or off). This is a great way of monitoring your battery voltage without having to resort to a multimeter or worrying about the charger being on to get the reading.

2. The charging cable is nice and thick yet very flexible. So it will easily handle the current and is also very robust. Compared to some of my previous chargers of comparable amperage, this has one of the better cables so you don’t have to worry about it being so thin and flimsy. (This review is based on the 25amp model so their smaller models may or may not have a thinner cable.)

3. The internal cooling fan only turns on when it needs to. So most of the time you won’t hear a sound when charging your battery. This is also one less worry if you are concerned about the fan wearing out quickly especially if you have this charger permanently on.

7. I also measured the voltage and current during the charging stages (bulk, absorption, etc) and they are exactly as described in the manual when checked with a multimeter. I did this because a few chargers I’ve used in the past do not do this as stated in their manual.

I’ve only recently purchased this charger so I can’t attest to the longevity, but so far I’m very happy with the product and it has done what it says it will do. If you own a lot of batteries or have expensive batteries then this charger is for you.