Proposed downtown arena would also house hockey team local news gas efficient cars 2012


The proposed hockey team’s league has teams in Chicago, Madison and Green Bay who’s fans would follow the team on road game. Indoor electricity tattoo designs football could work here similarly. Concert and fine arts opportunities that normally require a trip to Milwaukee would become a local possibility. Factor in Bucks fans who would make the trip to watch the future of their team (one reason I think close proximity to Milwaukee is a great idea for the team on the Bucks’ part) and it could help bring in a lot of out-of-town revenue.

The schools could also benefit from it. It could host the Post-prom electricity grid code, basketball and other games/tournaments, the district would likely utilize it for staff training since it could seat the entire RUSD staff (currently no indoor location in the county can do so). Academic conferences could bring the district innovative ideas and educators that could improve our schools. Sports teams could provide our high school students with internship opportunities in areas like sales, marketing, media, and athletic training which would enhance the new Career Academies.

Do I hope that it can be financed privately? Of course, but even if some public investment is required I think this would be worth it. The size is reasonable which will help with profitability, and the proposed location is great for stimulating local spending. Many arenas are too large for most of their events and get built in the suburbs away from the major dining and shopping centers which is a big reason why those arena aren’t profitable. This electricity human body one could be; it fills a needed role in the community in a location that is optimal to attract people and keep them spending.

Kudos for pushing this through like Machinery Row even if it is at the expense of others to benefit our friends! More rigged gas vs electric water heater savings contracts and development deals are on the way! Who cares that the city is in dire straits, this is what our friends need. This will be a great distraction from Machinery Row and the widespread allegations of criminal corruption involving the mayor and his friends. Besides the mayor, chief and DA have already shown that pay to play works in Racine and there are no laws to enforce, and now the people can pay for us to have another place to play!

We know the mayor will get all of his friends involved too and if anyone asks questions about backroom deals, it would not be surprising if they were stalked and threatened 3 gases that cause global warming, or we can send the chief after them. That’s why we gave him a raise, so he can look the other way while contracts are rigged and dissenters lives are destroyed. There is only one law in Racine – the law of money. We need this arena to make up for all of the other insider deals that haven’t quite paid out enough e gaskell north and south to our friends and they need to buy more boats.

This will save Racine and we can bring in big concerts like Taylor Swift and One Direction, or even someday host the Super Bowl. People all over have been asking when Racine is going to get a stadium. I heard a council man also called Disney to build another amusement park here too. That would be great! Racine is on the way to glory, and we can’t wait to start doling out the checks to our friends!

This is actually not a bad idea. The lake front needs some development and activity. it is the only area racine has that could possibly provide a draw to our city. We are after all very far from the interstate, yes bad gas x dosage for dogs for the city, no doubt. But we have areas on or near the lake that would draw people to make that drive. The size of the arena however, is proposed way to SMALL.. it must seat at least 8,000 up to 10,000.. It must be superbly done, it can draw entertainment to the area as well, an arena /convention center in Racine is one idea that is good and will draw people, and benefit the city. (It will Take private donations) but will be monumental and a outstanding venue if developed properly someone other than Dickert and his cronies however..they need to step away from this and allow Delgrave and more influential/powerful folks to step electricity trading hubs in..what Dickert touches..Dickert kills.. he has to stay OUT OF THE WAY…Please..insist that cronies have nothing to do with it.. this makes keep it away from democrats…they just will just blow it and will ruin it.