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The VA Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) Program establishes long-term government-wide contracts that allow VA facilities and other government agencies to acquire a vast array of medical equipment, supplies, services, and pharmaceuticals directly from commercial suppliers. Other government agencies include, but are not limited to:

• Mixed ownership government corporations (as defined in the Government Corporation Control Act of 1945, as amended). There are 18 of these quasi-government organizations, including the Tennessee Valley Authority, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and Amtrak. These organizations typically have fewer regulatory guidelines for purchasing than the federal government, and are authorized by statute to use the Schedules Program.

The VA FSS Program offers countless opportunities for both small and large businesses; however, becoming a Schedule contractor may require a considerable investment of both time and capital resources. It is of critical importance that before submitting a proposal your firm asks itself: Is a VA Schedule contract right for me? Is a VA FSS Contract Right for You?

It is important that your firm consider whether you have the ability to effectively pursue a Schedule contract and the resources to both compete for business and manage your contract after award. Offers are accepted continuously, allowing your firm to decide when to pursue the solicitation process.

• Can we compete with current Schedule contractors? It is recommended that you conduct market research to identify and assess your competition prior to submitting a proposal. Review current contractor pricing, terms, and conditions available on Contract Catalog Search Tool, GSA eLibrary or GSA Advantage!.

• Do we have the time and resources to dedicate towards submitting a Solicitation package and administrating & marketing the contract after award? It is important that your firm have the time and resources needed to submit a Solicitation package and manage/market your contract after award. Visit the Managing Your FSS Contract and Marketing to the Federal Government pages for more information about these post award requirements.

• Are my products made in the United States or other designated country? The Trade Agreements Act is applicable to all VA Schedules. Under the terms of this act only US-made or designated country end products shall be awarded to responsible vendors. It is your responsibility to verify that all of your offered products comply with the requirements of this act.

Note: When an item consists of components from various countries and the components are assembled in an additional country, the test to determine country of origin is “substantial transformation” (see FAR 25.001(c)(2)). Offerors requiring a determination on substantial transformation should contact the U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

• Can we offer our best value to the Government? Schedule buyers award task/delivery orders to FSS contractors based upon a “best value” determination. Best Value is the “expected outcome of an acquisition that, in the Government’s estimation, provides the greatest overall benefit in response to the requirement.”

Find the Right Solicitation. Review the information in the VA Schedule Programs page to find the correct Schedule solicitation for your products/services. This page provides an overview of the nine (9) Schedule programs managed by the VA FSS Program and links to each individual Schedule program page.

• System for Award Management (SAM) — All prospective contractors are required to register in SAM in order to be awarded an FSS contract. Additionally, all current contractors must maintain their SAM registration in order to be considered for contract extension or a follow-on contract award.

Being a VA Schedule contractor does not guarantee sales. Additionally, awarded contractors are expected to market their company and Schedule contract to the federal marketplace, while competing with other Schedule contractors for requirements issued by ordering activities. To ensure your firm is prepared, experts recommend you develop a business plan that includes an estimate of the expected return on investment; marketing plan; and staff allocation in support of this new venture.

Now that you’ve made an informed business decision about your firm’s ability to participate in the VA FSS Program, visit the Getting on Schedule page for information on preparing a quality solicitation response and an overview of the proposal review & award processes.