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Peekskill, New Yorks, residents and activists escalated the campaign to stop this pipeline’s construction by installing a fully sustainable shipping container at the entrance of Spectra’s work yard—complete with two activists living inside.

The proposed project has sparked concerns from residents and nuclear experts that a pipeline break could cause a catastrophic nuclear disaster that would threaten the entirety of New York City. Que gases componen el aire The pipeline is being built by Spectra Energy and is officially known as the Algonquin Incremental Market Project or AIM pipeline.

Peekskill residents and activists escalated the campaign to stop this pipeline’s construction by installing a fully sustainable shipping container at the entrance of Spectra’s work yard—complete with two activists living inside. La gas Democracy Now! was there as the blockade was launched.

Juan Gonzalez: In Peekskill, New York, just about an hour north of New York City, residents have launched a blockade in efforts to stop construction of Spectra Energy’s Algonquin Incremental Market Project, known as the AIM pipeline, which would carry high-pressure methane gas from Massachusetts through Rhode Island, Connecticut and down to the communities along the Hudson River. Gas news uk In Peekskill, the pipeline is slated to run only hundreds of feet from the aging Indian Point nuclear power plant, sparking concerns from residents and nuclear experts that a pipeline break could cause a catastrophic nuclear disaster that would threaten the entirety of New York City.

Well, only hours ago, Peekskill residents and activists escalated the campaign to stop the pipeline’s construction by installing a fully sustainable shipping container at the entrance of Spectra’s work yard—complete with two activists living inside. Static electricity bill nye full episode Democracy Now! was there as the blockade was launched.

Lee Stewart: My name is Lee Stewart. All 4 gas giants names We are now on the site, the construction site, of Spectra AIM’s pipeline. E electricity bill payment The workers will be arriving very soon to find our home here now, where they’re supposed to be doing work.

I’m Jane Kendall. Static electricity examples Spectra Energy has put their construction pipe for the pipeline through people’s yards, through our woodlands, through our wetlands. Electricity physics ppt Now we’re putting our home in their yard, in their path. B games virus You’ll see there’s heavy equipment there. Gas bubble in throat They’re beginning to plow through to get the path to lay the pipeline. Gas vs electric oven running cost And over here is a yard where they’re keeping heavy equipment.

Jane Kendall: It’s right smack in the middle. Gas mask bong how to use It’s stopping everything. Hp gas online booking no And the really great thing is, everybody in this area driving back and forth on the way to work is going to see it.

Amy Goodman: That was Lee Stewart speaking this morning before he and Jane Kendall locked themselves into the shipping container blockading Spectra Energy’s work yard. Gas 2 chainz The project has already faced massive resistance at other points along the route, including in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, where activists from a group known as The FANG Collective have staged a series of tree-sits and protests. O gastroenterologista cuida do que Spectra is currently suing three FANG members for $30,000 over a protest in which activists locked themselves to structures at a construction site, delaying work for hours. Electricity review worksheet The three are heading to court this Thursday. Gas jobs pittsburgh In Peekskill, this morning’s blockade is the latest in a series of escalating actions. Electricity invented what year On Saturday, 21 people were arrested after forming a human chain to block trucks from moving in or out of the construction site. Gas after eating red meat Democracy Now!’s Laura Gottesdiener was there, speaking to residents, protesters risking arrest and a nuclear safety expert.

Courtney Williams: My name is Courtney Williams. Gas natural inc I am a resident of Peekskill and I am working to stop the Algonquin pipeline expansion. Gas exchange in the lungs occurs due to I first heard about the pipeline over two years ago, when a local organization called SAPE, which is Stop the Algonquin Pipeline Expansion, had an info session at the local library. La gas leak And they had been working to stop fracking and they realized that even if New York banned hydrofracking, we would still be feeling a lot of the health and safety impacts of it if we had massive fracked gas pipelines going through our communities. Wd gaster website So that’s when we first learned about the project. Gas zombies black ops And my husband actually said, “I think these people are crazy or we need to move,” because they’re building this pipeline right next to the nuclear power plant, right next to the elementary school and 400 feet from our front door. Gas bloating back pain Our home will be incinerated if this pipeline ruptures near to our house. Electricity transformer health risks And the school district, the great school district that we were buying to live in, now our daughter will be going to kindergarten 400 feet from the pipeline, where, you know, she and 300 other kids would be harmed if the pipeline ruptured there.

Courtney Williams: My daughter is six. Electricity words And my—and so she’s a kindergartner there now. Gas definition science And my son is going to be four on Monday, actually. 1 unit electricity cost in tamilnadu And he would be starting there, if we still live here.

Laura Gottesdiener: If this section becomes operational, will you stay and send your kids to this school, where there’s—400 feet away, there’s the possibility that there could be a pipeline explosion?

Jean Bergman: My name is Jean Bergman. Electricity trading jobs And we’re here in Peekskill to protest the Spectra pipeline. La gas prices average Right now we have over 20 people willing to risk arrest to try to stop this pipeline from being built. Electricity trading hedge funds We’re standing across the entrance to the pipeline work area and we’re going to stay here and prevent vehicles from coming in or out as long as we can.

Benjamin Shepard: I’m Benjamin Shepard from Brooklyn, New York City. V gashi 2013 And we’re here to ask: If all of our elected representatives are on record as being against this pipeline, if the mayor of Peekskill is on record as being against the pipeline, if the people of Peekskill are on record as being against this pipeline, who’s calling the shots? The people or the corporations? And if the corporations won’t get out of the way, the people have to do it, are going to have to get in their way. Electricity billy elliot broadway And that’s why we’re here, to get on the—stop the machinery.

Paul Blanch: My name is Paul Blanch. Electricity definition science I’m a registered professional engineer. Electricity resistance questions I’ve studied nuclear safety for 50 years. Z gas el salvador And I know there’s a probability of an event occurring that would literally destroy the area here and impact 20 million people and cause property and infrastructure damage exceeding $8 trillion. Electricity symbols and units There is no nuclear power plant that we are aware of, first of all, that’s located in such a high densely populated area. B games car There’s no nuclear power plant with a gas line running 400 feet from the control room. Electricity sources in canada There is no protection in the control room, should an event occur. Gas zone If an event occurs, an explosion or the release of gas, even unexploded, could cause disabling the people in the control room and result in meltdown of both reactors. V gashi 2015 An explosion would engulf the Indian Point facility. Gas ark And the containments wouldn’t be affected, but it’s very likely that we would have a release exceeding those of Chernobyl and Fukushima, because there’s more radioactive material stored here than at those facilities.

Laura Gottesdiener: So you’re saying if there were an explosion at Indian Point power plant, nuclear power plant, everybody in New York City would be displaced?

Paul Blanch: Well, I’m not saying everybody. Pictures electricity pylons It depends on which way the wind is blowing. Electricity outage houston tx And if it blows to New York City, there’s been studies that, you know, the evacuation area could extend beyond 50 miles. O gastronomo buffet And New York City downtown is only 35 miles away. Electricity for refrigeration heating and air conditioning 9th edition pdf And predominant winds are down the Hudson River and it could cause the relocation of people permanently.

Amy Goodman: That was nuclear power safety expert Paul Blanch speaking Saturday in Peekskill, New York, about the Indian Point nuclear power plant. Gas dryer vs electric dryer hookups The facility has long been plagued with aging infrastructure and safety concerns. Electricity laws in india On Tuesday, the environmental group Friends of the Earth filed an emergency petition with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission demanding one of Indian Point’s reactors be kept offline and that another be shut down due to the disintegration of key bolts holding the reactor cooling system together.

Well, for more, we’re joined here in New York by Nancy Vann, president of Safe Energy Rights Group and a member of Resist AIM. Ortega y gasset revolt of the masses She’s a resident of Peekskill, New York. Z gas cd juarez She just left the newly launched blockade of the AIM pipeline.

Amy Goodman: So, the significance of this pipeline being next to this nuclear power plant and then Friends of the Earth filing this complaint?

Nancy Vann: The pipeline is dangerous enough on its own. Gas smoker recipes We anticipate that a blast radius from a rupture would be between 800 and a thousand feet. Grade 6 science electricity unit test And it runs within about 105 feet of the switchyard that supplies all the power to Indian Point to keep the cores cooled. Electricity flows through If the core power goes out, there’s a backup generator and the pipeline will run 115 feet from the fuel that would fuel those backup generators. Electricity hair stand up So, any rupture of this pipeline would completely obliterate really critical safety structures at Indian Point.

Juan Gonzalez: Why did public officials allow this pipeline to be built in the first place? Governor Cuomo, for instance, is known as an opponent of the Indian Point nuclear power plant and wants to close it down. Bp gas prices columbus ohio Why haven’t they stepped forward on this issue?

Nancy Vann: Well, Governor Cuomo actually did step forward on it. Electricity kwh usage calculator He had issued a letter and sent it to FERC, which is the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, a little—about a month ago, saying that he wanted this pipeline construction halted until an independent risk assessment could be done. Gas examples FERC, that we like to call FERCbecause of its implications—we always talk about them FERCing us—they are an industry that—they are captured by the industry. Gas vs electric range They are really a rogue agency. Electricity 4th grade All of their funding comes from the fossil fuel industry. La gasolina lyrics If there were no new projects, there would be no agency.

Amy Goodman: Last year, The FANG Collective—standing for Fighting Against Natural Gas—recorded a series of interviews with a whistleblower who worked as a contract safety inspector on Spectra’s AIM pipeline. I gas shares He was asked to describe the safety conditions at the site. Chapter 7 electricity note taking worksheet His voice has been distorted.

Safety Inspector: We had an excavator that flipped over, a very heavy—I’d have to guess, but I’d be remiss to say it was easily greater than 50,000 pounds—a trackhoe, flip over on a jobsite, the arrest of it—tumbling down a field. Gas jet compressor It was arrested by falling onto the flatbed it was putting pipe on. Static electricity in the body You had the situation at Cromwell, where a crane forgets to unhook its headache ball from the front of the crane and starts to boom crane out. Gas and electric credit union Well, when you do that, cable is supposed to get longer, but it didn’t, so it catastrophically broke the cable. Gas works park events The ball hit 10-inch plate, that could have been under pressure. Grade 6 electricity project ideas What if that would have been live pressurized plate, that by now had been struck by headache ball, by crane that weighs upteen tons? That could have led to a humongous environmental safety issue as well as multiple deaths. Gas bloating diarrhea So, the bottom line is, these are all situations where I was personally confronted, from crane to the trackhoe, to the head injuries, to the minor heat exhaustion, to the so on and so forth.

Safety Inspector: Inspectors come up to me in the field and say to me, “There was a pipe buried underground that was not inspected properly.” And the reason it was not excavated and inspected was that it cost too much money. Gas or electricity for heating The right thing for the inspector to do is to make them dig it back up. Thermal electricity how it works That’s the right thing to do. Types of electricity pdf With the pressure you receive from Spectra, you will never do that.

Nancy Vann: He is talking about the fact that new pipelines are actually failing at a much higher rate than older pipelines. Electricity in india first time They’re being put in too fast. Electricity questions and answers pdf The wells are not being inspected. Q gases componen el aire They’re using faulty steel, using often Chinese steel that is not up to the standards that it should be. Gas buddy And

Amy Goodman: Our latest news is police are currently trying to cut through the shipping container that was set up today, not successful so far. La gasolina letra What about this blockade launch that was just begun this morning? You’ve got 10 seconds.

Nancy Vann: Our lives really are on the line. Grade 6 electricity unit In court, we are pleading the necessity defense, saying that we have to do this to keep a greater harm from being perpetrated on the people of New York. Electricity grid map uk There are 20 million people that could be affected if something goes wrong at this pipeline next to Indian Point.

Amy Goodman: Nancy Vann, I want to thank you for being with us, president of Safe Energy Rights Group, member of Resist AIM, lives in Peekskill, New York. Electricity cost by state And that does it for the show. Electricity dance moms choreography Special thanks to Laura Gottesdiener and Juan Carlos Dávila for that report.