Proud to be a dance mom – the imperfectly perfect me gas density and molar mass


I get it. Before my oldest daughter went into dance, I also had certain preconceptions on what a dance mom was. I believed that they were all hot headed, self absorbed, divalike, rude, catty and living out some unfulfilled fantasy that they never got to themselves.

My daughters have danced at two different studios and at both, we have honestly been welcomed and accepted as “family”. We are part of recreational group with our youngest daughter and our older daughter is part of the competitive team. We were brought in and helped out when we had no idea how being competitive worked. Competitions are sometimes so fast paced, and complete chaos but the most amazing thing happens every time.

These glorious women, these “dance moms”, come together and work as a team of their own to get their children, dressed, made up, glittered, comforted, calmed and in the zone. It is not at all every dance mom for herself. Once their own child is ready, without even missing a beat, these moms turn and help anyone who isn’t ready.

We offer smiles and laughs and words of encouragement to our adoptive children so that they all go out as a united and loved force. The result is amazing. You are proud not only of your own child but all of your studio children. I cheer just as loud for all of these children, not just my own. All of their successes are celebrated by us all. Their success makes me proud and excited for them. All of them. For the children and the moms and their families, directors, choreographers. Everyone.

When our group comes together on stage, despite any stresses, mini arguments in the studio prior to comp, not being part of each others regular clic, for a few minutes, it is absolute perfection. They move as one solid, force. They just work. And when they get off stage, their smiles and tears of joy are the best sight to see. This moment is exactly why I am a dance mom.

Even when things do not go as planned, a slip, a fall, a few steps forgotten, we come together for comfort and encourage each other’s children to let it go and move on. Once it’s over you leave it on stage and be proud that you got up there no matter what the end result may have been.

Even as women, we don’t always agree or travel in the same circles, but I have mad respect for any mama who can look at my girl and say “Hey come here, let me help you with your hair”, or “Wow that was amazing you did great!” Or even “That’s okay hun, you still did great and looked beautiful. Now let’s get you ready for the next one!”

I have seen the strength of these women as they put differences aside and work together to get everyone out there looking and feeling great. We have hugged each other through tears of joy after dances are completed by all our dancers. I would buy these ladies a respectful drink absolutely anytime.

These women are not there to fulfill their own dreams, or to be hateful to each other. We are all there for our children. We love our children and love to see them succeed. When I hear “Oh dance moms”, with an eye roll and grumble, it really hurts because we are so much more than that stereotype. I have never seen another group come together the way a group of dance moms can and help each other out without a second thought or expecting something in return.

I hope that one day our children realise what they really had in this moment. This glorious and fabulous village that honestly cares about them and wants to see them succeed and that they can strive to be exactly that to their own children as well as someone else’s.