Pruitt goes for an even dozen epa chief is now facing 11 federal probes into excessive spending, special dealing, and ethical violations jonathan turley gastroenterologia o que trata


Environmental Protection Agency administrator Scott Pruitt seems a virtual perpetual motion machine of scandals. With 11 different federal probes into his conduct, two of his top aides quit their jobs in the middle of the investigations, according to the New York Times. I certainly will not deny my opposition to many of the actions taken by Pruitt, who is widely viewed as one of the most anti-environmental EPA chiefs in history. However, this is not about policy differences. Trump is fulfilling his campaign promise to reduce regulations and he is entitled to take the EPA in a different direction. Rather this is about fundamental values of good government. Pruitt continues to be an embarrassment in his relations with lobbyists and alleged spending of public funds — a sharp and glaring contradiction to the pledge of Donald Trump to “drain the swamp.”

In the meantime, career staff have directly contradicted Pruitt in a number of keys respects, including his earlier denial to Fox News of the excessive salary raises give to his key aides. The 11 federal investigations cover an expanding list of legal and ethical concerns over Pruitt’s conduct. Perrotta was central to some of those allegations.

The 11 federal investigations have truly uncovered severely damaging and embarrassing information about Scott Pruitt, raising a series of complex legal and ethical issues regarding Pruitt’s conduct. So far, leaks regarding 6 of the federal investigations have uncovered the following allegations.

2. On March 22, 2018, Scott Pruit did, with malice and forethought, intentionally extend a meeting beyond the one hour allocated length so that he could order pizza to be served at lunch, charging the cost to the EPA, rather than ordering out at his own expense.

3. On February 8, 2018, Scott Pruitt did, with malice and intent, take $2.50 in quarters from the petty cash box, substituting an IOU for the shortfall, so that a visitor attending a meeting at the EPA could load the parking meter on a street nearby. Although Pruitt ultimately did reimburse the petty cash fund the next day, his actions constituted a willful and reckless felony on February 8, 2018.

4. On March 12, 2018, Scott Pruitt did knowingly and recklessly make a change in his bowel movement habits, wherein he switched from an evening bowel movement to a post-lunch bowel movement; thereby causing additional government expenditures to be incurred based on the extra amount of toilet tissue used during working hours.

5. On March 10, 2018, at 3:10 pm EST, Scott Pruitt did knowingly and recklessly used his EPA-provided computer to respond to an email reminder regarding a dental appointment, an entirely personal matter having no bearing whatsoever on EPA business.

6. On March 5, 2018, Scott Pruitt did knowingly and recklessly arrive at his office five minutes late, at 9:05 am EST. Although he continued to work until 7:27 pm that day, the extra hours that he worked cannot make up for the lost 5 minutes in the morning of March 5.

This is all a smear campaign by the various rabid environmentalists (i have a few in my family) and I hate to see Dr. Turley continue them. Read Cheryl Atkinson’s book, The Smear. It explains how the Left especially has used the ALinsky credo to smear people personnally because it disagrees with a person’s policy or politics. They have adopeted the Goebbels approach, the infamous Nazi propagandist, “A lie told once remains a lie, a lie told a thousand times becomes a truth”

All of the information about Pruitt should all be put in context and never just made into a list. For example, the security detail was bigger because a liberal progressive tried to kill multiple Republicans with a gun while they were playing early morning baseball and that put all Republican lawmakers on high alert. Travelling with the military may actually be a cost savings to the government if military jets are being moved anyways.

The Smear is all about taking information that may or may not be pertinent and saying it over and over again without context. For example, I have a friend who paid a million dollars for a 3 bedroom, 2 bath apartment – in my hometown that would be outrageous! But in New York and San Francisco, that’s cheap.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The 2012 Department of Justice settlement with international bank HSBC over hundreds of millions of dollars in criminal money-laundering for drug cartels and terrorist groups identified with Iran hang like a sword of Damocles over Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s indictment of Robert Mueller and Rick Gates.

The settlement, announced in a Department of Justice press release dated Dec. 11, 2012, involved a deferred prosecution agreement in which HSBC admitted criminal responsibility for money-laundering at least $881 million through the U.S. financial system, as well as an unspecified amount of money from federally sanctioned countries including Iran, Cuba, Sudan, Libya, and Burma.

In exchange for the Department of Justice agreeing not to file criminal indictments against HSBC’s directors, officers, or employees, HSBC agreed to pay $1.256 billion as part of the deferred prosecution agreement, plus another $665 million in civil penalties, with HSBC admitting criminal violations of the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA), and the Trading with the Enemy Act (TWEA).

The Director of the FBI at that time was Robert Mueller. Robert Comey, who replaced Mueller as FBI director, was a member of the HSBC board of directors. The case was settled by Loretta Lynch, who then was U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York. And the Attorney General was Eric Holder.

Just to make sure the case is clear, please understand the Obama Department of Justice allowed HSBC to pay fines to avoid facing federal criminal indictments after HSBC admitted criminal responsibility for helping Mexican drug cartels and terrorist organizations with ties to countries like Iran launder hundreds of millions of dollars into the U.S. banking system from foreign sources.

“People are just people”? Not really — each ethnic group carries its own (sub) culture with them, especially in “metropolitian living” when you have places (like parts of downtown Flushing NY) that could be mistaken for South Korea or the “Chinatowns” of both San Francisco CA and Manhattan) that put you in Beijing instead of the (American English speaking) United States of America…. In other words, a large city like NYC has so many “ethinc neighborhoods” that it almost has ceased to be an “American” city (and is, unfortunately, a “world city”). In my opinion, this “mutlicultural’ morass is what has made America far WEAKER, not stronger, because each ethnic group clings to its own people instead of a larger American nation. This is far less true in “rural America” (which is ethnically more like the America of 1776 than that of 2018); therefore, you may have a point — but for the wrong reasons! There are RATIONAL reasons for such fears among what is left of “white America” (and you should NEVER simply try to sweep them under the rug– for you do so at your peril)….