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France was not going to recognize the CSA or do anything else in a big way to assist the CSA unless the UK led the way. The UK was not going to recognize the CSA unless and until they had won the war or were obviously gas stoichiometry formula going to win (or copperhead sympathy in the north won out). The RN is NOT going to do anything to prevent the transfer of arms, or even troops from Prussia to the USA – that would mean going to war with both countries. The CSN is miniscule, and while convoys gas used in ww1 might need some escort, they are not susceptible to the sort of commerce raiding that the CSN managed on a relatively limited scale (and only against US flag ships, not against 3rd country vessels bound for the gas vs electric water heater US on the high seas..that would have been a very big contravention of the accepted rules of naval warfare). Sending t gas terengganu supplies, advisors, and even some troops to assist the Union in putting down a rebellion DOES NOT mean that Prussia recognizes the CSA as an independent country either de jure or de facto.

Put that gas z factor all together and IMHO there is no reason that this could not happen from a European perspective – the issue is US politics. As far as the CSA is concerned, the propaganda value internally of a few Prussian troops isn’t much – they were way more upset at Negro troops, and the propaganda j gastroenterology impact factor about them and the atrocities committed against them did not stave off Union victory by 1 day IMHO.

Click to expand…We seem to be talking about different things. Yes, there were professional soldiers, but their was not a professional officer CORP. It takes more than one man per brigade to make for professional leadership. I think you are vastly underestimating the value of the captains, majors, and colonels in staff positions. For example, on this board, Lee natural electricity examples is criticized for writing hard to understand orders that caused problems static electricity zap, but if he had better officers around him, and better officers at the units receiving the orders, many of these communication issues will disappear. Better officers will handle logistics better. IMO, the quality of staff work gas efficient cars under 5000 at the battalion, regimental, brigade, and division level is critical to a well performing army. You seem to be taking a different position, something closer to If the division commander is a professional, that is the main thing needed.

Also, we seem to have different standards for professional. I think it takes both the military training and years of experience to be a professional officer of field grade or flag grade rank. Yes, West Point helps, but recent experience commanding men is also very electricity generation efficiency important. And here is what i mean by professional. I think in a battle of equal numbers with equal supply, an European army will absolutely crush an CSA/USA army.

Yes, Lee made the final call, but I also believe he listened to advice from his staff and tropico 5 electricity lower level commanders. He also relied on the reports and intelligence provide by lower ranking officers. And his lower ranking officers executed his order. So, IMO, replace the officer below Army Level with Prussian officers and I think these events are likely which would help prevent the gas monkey live disaster. Not the men, not the equipment, but the officers.