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Before you begin using the product, it is recommended that you undergo a two-day period of preparing the body for the withdrawal syndrome it may suffer because of the sudden cut of starch and sugars. During this period, you are advised to consume foods that are rich in Omega 3 and aiming to maintain a clean diet. Additionally, you are also advised to replace all caffeinated and sugary drinks. This is done to prepare the body for the liquid supplement that is going to be used. Phase 1

Also known as the rapid weight loss phase, the phase lasts for 90 days. This is the period whereby the majority of the weight loss will occur, and the majority of the benefits of the program derived. During this phase, the calorie intake will be dropped to 1000 per day. The diet will consist of entirely clean food while the diet drops will be taken daily.

If an effective workout routine is incorporated during this phase, the weight cut could be accelerated. However, experts caution against overtaxing yourself because the low-calorie intake often translates into very low energy levels in the body and thus it will not have enough energy to power through workouts. Exercise is, therefore, an option and not a requirement. Phase 2

The second phase involves the individual creating a new weight set point. This stage will last for 21 days during which the dieter will try and reach their ideal weight. The calorie intake, however, changes. The program instructs an additional 500 calories to the previous 1000 totaling to 1500 calories a day. During this period, the user will discontinue the use of diet drop. Additionally, your food choices open up and you can enjoy some of the food that is not considered entirely ‘clean.’ The plan states that after the second phase, the user may proceed to the next stage or revert to the first phase if they want to further their weight loss. Phase 3

The biggest point to take home when it comes to the product is the alternative lifestyle that it preaches. Certain users might find it hard to adopt especially during the first stage where sugars and starches are completely eliminated. Diabetics are examples of these people since they will require sugar at some point. This might hinder the effectiveness of the program to them as a result.

Tyrosine is a type of amino acid that is used in the synthesis of hormones responsible for pleasurable effects. These hormones include epinephrine, dopamine, and norepinephrine. Tyrosine also helps in the manufacture of chemicals that play crucial functions and roles in the body. Tyrosine, therefore, plays a critical role in decreasing stress levels and raising alertness and focus.

Glutamic acid has been proven to be essential in treating schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and depression. It also assists in detoxifying the body, boosting brain functions, improving heart and prostrate health. Additionally, it acts as a source of energy during strenuous activities due to its ease of absorption into the body.

Going by the scientific name of Lepidium meyemii, maca root is a member of the radish family and is grown in Peru where it is cultivated as a vegetable. Studies show that the maca root is used in enhancing stamina, energy, and athletic performance. Additionally, it is also used in arousing sexual desire, treating menstrual problems, and boosting the immune system.

Beta-Alanine is another essential amino acid that is used in building muscle mass, improving athletic performance, and boosting overall physical function. Beta-Alanine’s effectiveness lies in its ability to ensure the efficient use of energy. Studies done on subjects who used Beta-Alanine showed that it aided in the boosting of their physical performance, weight loss, and gaining muscle mass. It is safe when used at the appropriate dosage. Rhodiola Rosea

Also known as the arctic root, Rhodiola is mainly found in Alaska, Europe, and Asia. The arctic root is used in raising energy levels, treatment and prevention of depression, improving sex drive and athletic performance, and treating heart-related problems.

Studies done on Rhodiola show that it helps boost cognitive functions; reduces fatigue, stress, and depression. Additionally, the plant also has appetite suppression properties which help prevent binge eating. Experts recommend that you should take the arctic root for a maximum of ten weeks. African Mango

Major studies on the African Mango have revealed its effectiveness in the waist and weight reduction and a string of other benefits such as reducing the levels of glucose in the blood, cholesterol reduction, and controlling the levels of leptin and adiponectin. Taking 150 mg of the African Mango extract twice a day resulted in participants losing up to 10 pounds with no change in their lifestyles. Soluble Fiber

The body is not able to absorb soluble fiber in its natural state. It is therefore dissolved in water to form a gel-like solution. Soluble fiber works in helping to lower glucose and cholesterol levels in the blood. Additionally, it also assists in the maintenance of a healthy body weight.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps in boosting immune function, regulates gene expression, and is actively involved in cell signaling. Additionally, it helps in the prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease, prevention of cancer, and in the treatment of visual disorders. Niacin