Psu banks in focus; why it makes sense to invest in pnb now – static electricity jokes


The strategy at present should be to invest in a phased manner only in companies which are not connected to any political party, have a robust business model, strong earnings and cash flow visibility, low debt gas news uk and backed by quality management especially on the corporate governance front. Considering the above factors, investors can have a stock-specific approach in mid and smallcaps space.

In fact, the bank has done electricity in the body well to restructure its processes and make use of technology at its best to avoid people risk in the future. The bank has integrated CBS and has formed centralised back office for trade save electricity pictures credit/finance. All the transactions are validated at trade finance centers. The Bank has classified Rs. 50 crores gas near me open now plus accounts shifted to large corporate centres/branches.

The Bank has adopted algorithm-based decision making for MSME loans for accounts in the range of Rs 1 lakh gas x coupon 2014 to Rs 1 crore. Today, the bank is at the 2nd position amongst PSBs for maximum in-principle approval of MSME customers through the portal Loan accounts in the range of Rs. 50 lakhs – Rs. 50 cores are taken care by centralized loan processing centre with specialized manpower.

Domestic Credit exposure of the bank increased k electric company duplicate bill by Rs 15,308 crore over Dec’17, while Domestic credit gas smoker recipes RWA declined by Rs 51,199 crore. Further, to tackle NPAs, the Bank created SAMV vertical; SARFAESI, OTS DRT Portals to access real time progress. GNPA declined by Rs. 8,887 crore over March’18 to reach at Rs. 77,733 crore in Dec. 2018. NNPA declined by Rs. 13,009 crore over Mar. 2018 to reach Rs. 35,675 crore in December’18. Net NPA Reduced by 302 bps over Mar when was gas 99 cents in california’18 to 8.22%

Overall stressed assets reduced by 265 bps over March’18. According to the management, ageing provisions is a continuous process power usage estimator. As the GNPA figure goes down, provisioning comes down even there is ageing provisioning. Overall stressed assets reduced by 265 bps over Mar’18. Slippages too were low at Rs. 3,324 crores as against Rs. 30, 377 crores in March 2018.

In Q3FY19, Domestic Advances registered a growth of 6.7% on yoy basis from Rs. 429,755 crore as on Dec. 2017 to Rs. 4,58,641 electricity lessons for 5th grade crore as on December’ 18. Retail Advances grew by 15% YoY from Rs. 74,582 electricity invented timeline crore as on December’ 17 to Rs. 85,766 crore as on December’ 18. Share of Small Ticket Advances stood at 54.4% as on December’18. Fresh Sanctions with external rating A and above increased by 5.7% on YoY basis to reach 84.0%.

Operating profit for 9MFY’19 stood at Rs. 10134 crore. Net profit grew by 7.1% from Rs.230 crores in Q3FY18 to Rs. 247 crore in Q3FY’19. Net gas number density Interest Margin (Domestic) increased from 2.59% as on 9MFY’18 to 2.64% as on Q3FY’19. Cost to Income Ratio declined from 50.04% in Q2FY19 to 49.26% in Q3FY19. The bank gas 4 less manhattan ks efforts are on to reduce Cost/Income ratio but in absolute terms cost would increase.

We would like to see the Bank’s Q4FY19 performance to further reinforce our confidence on the Bank. The CMD words electricity joules to media after Nirav Modi debacle, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going has been proved by the Bank’s management in 9MFY19 performance. According to us it’s a good safe accumulate at current levels from medium to long run.