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Note that after the creature is tamed it gets bonuses on some stats depending on the taming effectiveness. This makes it hard to retrieve the levels on a tamed creature, so this tool is only for wild ones, but gives a first impression, how well the stats are distributed. Taming [ edit | edit source ]

The Pteranodon will flee as soon as it is hit, which makes it difficult to knock it out from the ground. But thankfully it can be immobilized with Bolas beforehand, which makes it easy to capture any Pteranodon while it is on the ground resting. If you spot a good target wait for it to fly down, then use the Bolas and knock it out before the effect wears off.

The Pteranodon will easily fall unconscious, but be cautious with your knockout method, as Pteranodons, especially lower levels, have low health and take extra damage from ranged attacks, making it very easy to accidentally kill one with a tranquilizer arrow or even a stone. Even high-level Pteranodons can often be knocked out with just one arrow. Also the Pteranodon can accidentally fall into deep water and drown, so make sure that you do not knock it out over bodies of water.

• Landing is accomplished by pressing the jump-key (default Space, , ), causing the mount to move to the ground and land, where your Pteranodon folds its wings. Now you can unmount by pressing use (default E, , ) as with any other mount or walk on the ground. To start off again, press the jump-key (default Space, , ).

Wild Pteranodons will only become hostile if a player steals their eggs, so they are generally not much of a threat. If hoping to kill, the player should start with critical head damage, as the Pteranodon will not get spooked even if the player is pointing point-blank with a shotgun. The same goes for taming. Get your first tranq in the head so it takes a quicker effect. Follow with a quick volley to spike the torpor before it goes out of range.

Wait until they land to get a clear shot while they are trying to get their stamina up. They are extremely vulnerable at this time. If they are flying, wait for them to come down. If one has a sniper, they may try to get a powerful headshot while it is in the air.

• *Scouting: The high speed of the Pteranodon makes it a perfect mount to scout the environment or travel around the map, or to farm Beacons. Their speed lets them easily outrun Argentavis and Quetzal, and their roll attack can be used to move faster at the cost of stamina. Level up in Stamina and Weight.

• *Mining Transport The Pteranodon cannot carry much, but its speed and ability to fly over dangerous lands and hills still makes it a decent mount for bringing back valuables. However the Argentavis – while slower – is able to carry significantly more weight. Level up Weight, add Stamina as needed.

• *War/Damage: Despite the Pteranodon being a speed mount, skilled riders can roll through enemies to deplete health and destroy Flak armor, although it may be forced to land frequently. Its ability to grab people mid-combat can also shift a fight to your favor, but keep in mind that a player, while grabbed by the Pteranodon, can still hit it and possibly kill it. Level up Health, Damage, Stamina and a little Weight (for carrying higher level gear).

• *Fighter Plane Squadron: The Pteranodon is exceptionally quick and agile in comparison to other flying mounts, especially after the nerf to fliers that removed the ability to increase travel speed. The Pteranodon’s smaller hitbox and frantic movements also make it difficult to hit by both animals and firearms unless it’s an autotracking weapon like an Auto Turret. A Pteranodon flown by a skilled rider along with several AI Pteranodon fighting alongside can easily overwhelm a Quetzal siege platform or Argentavis riding raider, with the AI Pteranodon being able to cover the ridden individual and give them time to park and regenerate stamina. And if things go south, a hit-and-run strategy can be employed making use of the Pteranodon’s speed to get away and small size to hide and recuperate before going in again. Level up Health and Damage for all Pteranodon, then extra Stamina for any ridden individuals while bumping up the rest’s damage further. Recommended at least four Pteranodon per squadron. Warning: Do not use near an enemy base until after any turrets are destroyed as otherwise they make for effective anti-air guns.

A Pteranodon is capable of carrying smaller creatures. This is done by using the alt-fire button (default ) while flying or hovering over the creature. The Pteranodon will swing its legs forward and you will hear a click noise. If the grab was successful, you will be able to see the creature being pulled behind the Pteranodon, as well as its name and level. This is very useful for separating a small, high-level animal such as a Dilo from a pack so that you can tame it elsewhere.

Creatures being carried cannot attack the Pteranodon while carried, but can land a hit when picked up or dropped. Players are the exception to this, and can attack the Pteranodon while being carried, potentially killing it and causing both the victim and the rider to fall.

• Having a Pteranodon follow you or a mount at high speeds may be annoying and impractical, as the Pteranodon will easily overtake any other creature. This often causes them to do a circle around you, and get stuck in the walking creature’s legs, rendering both creatures immobile.