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The meeting, described as a “Friendly Listen-Up Session,” was sponsored by It Takes a Village, a concerned citizens group based in northwest Moultrie. 850 gas block It was held at the Ryce Center on Seventh Street Northwest, and the audience was almost entirely African-American. Gasbuddy diesel Susie Magwood-Thomas, a Moultrie city councilwoman and a founder of It Takes a Village, attended while the group’s president, Alma Fleming, presided. Gas efficient cars under 15000 City councilwomen Lisa Clarke Hill and Angela Castellow and Mayor Bill McIntosh also attended.

But elected officials didn’t say much during the meeting; that role was reserved for City Manager Pete Dillard and city staff who handle utility billing every day: Marcie Meadows, the director of business operations, and Lori Beamon, also in the business office.

• Budget billing. Electricity basics The city staff will look at what a customer has paid in utility bills over the preceding 12 months, get an average and add 5-10 percent to allow for fluctuation. Gas ninjas The resulting amount is what the customer would pay each month for the next year, regardless of how much electricity, water and gas the customer actually uses. N game At the end of the 12-month period, the city will compare the cost of the utilities actually used with what the customer has paid. Electricity voltage in usa If he paid more than he owed, he receives a credit; if he used more than he paid for, he’s billed for the difference. Gas bubble Except for the reconciliation at the end of the 12 months, the customer will always know what his bill will be and he can better plan his spending.

• Flexible billing. Gsa 2016 City utility bills have one of four due dates — the 10th, 16th, 22nd or 26th of the month — based on where the residence is located. Gas up shawty This dates back to when workmen had to physically go to each house to read meters; the different billing cycles let them work regular routes throughout the month. Gas numbers stove temperature Now, the city uses electronic meters that send data to a central computer. 9gag While the billing cycles remain the same, it no longer matters which cycle an individual customer is on, so the customer can request a different due date to better match when they get paid each month. Gas pedal lyrics For example, if a customer consistently gets paid on the 15th of each month and the utility bill comes due on the 10th, he would have to pay late fees every month; but if he uses flexible billing to change the due date to the 16th or 22nd, he’d be able to pay the bill on time and avoid the late fees. Electricity generation by source by state There are no fees for flexible billing, but there are some qualifications the customer would have to meet.

• Extensions. A gas is compressed at a constant pressure of Some months, the bill is larger than expected and a customer can’t afford to pay it all at once. Electricity song He can pay half, get an extension, and pay the rest a couple of weeks later. Gas utility austin While an extension does cost $25, it may be cheaper than late fees, which amount to 10 percent of the total bill, and it prevents services from being turned off. Lafayette la gas prices The fee can be rolled into the next month’s bill.

The City of Moultrie buys electricity in bulk as part of MEAG, city staff said. Electricity laws physics The cost of that electricity varies the way the price of gasoline varies over a period of time. Hp gas online booking A customer’s bill should show the adjusted rate that the city has to pay Georgia Power per kilowatt-hour — somewhere around $0.08. Gas in california The city also charges $0.074 — about 7 1/2 cents — per kilowatt-hour; that’s to cover the city’s cost of delivery (workers’ wages, equipment, materials, etc.), and it’s also printed on the bill. Gas jokes The two add up to the total price per kilowatt-hour the consumer will be charged; multiply that by the kilowatt-hours used to get the electric bill.

The city utility bill isn’t just about electricity, though. Gas exchange in the lungs It also includes bills for water, sewer, garbage pickup and possibly cable TV and internet. C gastronomie Water and sewer are billed based on the thousands of gallons of water used. Gas bubble disease Garbage pick-up is a flat fee every month based on the number of trash cans the residence has, although other fees can be added based on circumstances. Is there a gas station near me Cable television and internet prices are based on the programming packages the customer selects.

While some in the audience saw the value of one or another of the billing plans, most were concerned with the overall total of their utility bills. Electricity prices over time One had to pay $1,300 in a single month, and others talked of bills $500 or more despite adding insulation, rewiring a home or pushing thermostats up.

Meadows said the heat index — a calculation of what the weather “feels like” — has been greater than 100 degrees every day for seven weeks. Electricity outage san antonio Air conditioning struggles with that level of heat; the unit runs longer and more frequently to cool the building’s interior, and the more it runs the more electricity it uses.

The city recommends setting the thermostat on 78 degrees, but when the weather is 100 degrees outside, Meadows said, the air conditioner will still use a lot of electricity to get a home that cool. Electricity and circuits class 6 ppt The AC and furnace are the biggest overall users of electricity in a residence.

• Set the temperature on the hot water heater low. Electricity lessons 4th grade After the AC and furnace, the water heater is the biggest user of electricity in most homes, Dillard said. Oil n gas prices The lower the temperature, the less it uses — and it’s a safety factor as a water heater set too high produces water hot enough to burn.

• Fix running toilets. Gastroenterologia o que trata If a toilet runs constantly, Meadows said, the flap is letting water seep out. Gas 4 less redding ca Over a month, that drives water use up. Gas pain left side It’s easy to fix with a $3 flap from a hardware store.

• Contact the city. Gaston y daniela Meadows and her staff can look at two years’ worth of utility bills for any address in Moultrie. P gasol Sometimes things jump out at them. Gas 99 cents a litre For instance, they might see your water consumption runs steadily high throughout the day instead of rising and falling at peak use times; that suggests a water leak.

• Energy audit. Astrid y gaston lima reservations The city will provide homeowners with an energy audit to find problems that are driving utility bills up. Gas x dosage chewable A woman came to the city with a $700 utility bill, the staff said; when the utility department did an energy audit, the workman found an old freezer on the back porch. Bp gas prices akron ohio Already inefficient because of its age, it was struggling to keep food frozen in the hot summer temperatures. Austin electricity outage The customer got rid of the freezer and her next month’s bill was cut in half. Electricity merit badge pamphlet The audit costs $50 and is available only to owners, not renters, but if the homeowner agrees to do the things the city recommends in the audit, the $50 fee is waived.

• Meters. Gaz 67 for sale Over the last few years, the city has replaced aging traditional meters with electronic ones that communicate with a central computer by radio. Gas delivery Dillard said some of the old meters — like many other machines when they age — ran slower than they did when they were new; as a result, they were underreporting use of electricity, water or gas. Electricity khan academy Many people have reported higher utility bills since the new meters were installed. A level physics electricity notes However, if you think there’s something wrong with your meter, the city will come out and check it for a $50 fee. Electricity vocabulary The fee will be waived if a mechanical problem is found. Gas engine tom Dillard said one resident said something was wrong with his meter, but he didn’t mention he ran over it with his lawnmower; when the workman discovered that, the man’s fee was not waived.

A woman at Monday’s meeting asked why customers couldn’t choose between electricity providers. Gas giants City of Moultrie residents get electricity from the city, while people in the county have either Colquitt EMC or Georgia Power.

Dillard said the Georgia Legislature passed a law in 1973 that said who can market electricity in each geographical region. Gas national average 2013 The only people who can choose their provider are extremely large users — “And you don’t want to be that,” he said.

The same woman suggested getting the law changed and asked if the city would approach legislators about it. Nyc electricity consumption The discussion took a different turn and she didn’t receive an answer.

Another speaker suggested the city install solar panels to produce its own electricity instead of buying it from Georgia Power through the Municipal Electric And Gas organization. Gas engineer salary Dillard said the city has a test site with solar panels at the utilities department on Quitman Highway, but the results have not been encouraging.