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My husband and I purchases a bi annual jr suite timeshare. We were told that we would receive 1 week every other year at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach, a lifetime membership to Pueblo Bonito Premier, PLUS 4 Bonus Weeks per year to stay at hundreds of affiliated hotels for these prices: $50 for a jr suite, $75 for a 1 bdrm, 100 for a 2 bdrm or $125 for a penthouse suite. We were also guaranteed to be a part of their rental program and could rent out our jr suite every other year rather than use it and we would certainly make a profit. Our salesman Mark Schaub told us we don’t ever have to stay at Sunset Beach, we could use our 4 bonus weeks instead. He specifically showed me a website and said we could stay at one of their sister resorts in Dana Point San Diego for the above prices.

We ONLY purchased the timeshare for the promised bonus weeks and rental program. We had 4 other adults in our group that heard this same presentation. Our experience is that Mark Schaub lied and that Pueblo Bonito is aware of it and unwilling to make this right.

My wife and I attended a Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach on Oct. 21, 2010. The promoter ("promotor turistico") was Felix Ramirez S. (felixcomingback2000@yahoo.coml 011-52-624-147-91-95). Felix promised us a $200 credit toward the hotel bill (which was honored) and two $55 sunset cruise tickets (which was also honored). At Sunset, we met Mitch Feld (mitchfeld13@gmail.com; 624-142-9999). Mitch was a high-pressure, snake oil salesman. I had no interest in buying, but wanted to complete all obligations to receive our gifts. Mitch, 53, originally from Palm Desert, CA (can’t miss him–squirreliest hands you’ll ever shake, and the worst cologne ever), told us so many gems it was crazy. In no particular order, here are the best–(1) you make money–upwards of $1200 a year–just by buying the TS and renting it back; (2) the Sunset TS is the best one behind Hawaii, and you can use your weeks anywhere in the world for ridiculously low prices; (3) when the Sunset catering manager got on our golf cart, he asked how many buffet items are offered "because [I] just lie about the number everytime I talk about it, and want a real total;" (4) Mitch had no office [just shared a common cafeteria called "Sales Room 3"], no Pueblo email, no business card, and no brokerage license nor an international brokerage license, and (5) as friendly as he was, when I told him I would think about it, he said I either buy that day or forget it; when I told him to forget, we were promptly and rudely shown the door. Also beware that Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday are the prime targets for these promoters to get you to the TS presentation, and EVERYONE is in on it–concierge, bellboy, poolboy, bartenders, even some of the shop owners downtown. Mitch had one fact which I took for truth–that 0.0063 of people who walk out of the resort don’t come back to buy timeshares. Maybe we can get that same number to people who walk through the door in the first place if they read more posts and blogs like these.

I’m a bit worried after reading all the posts here and on a few other timeshare scam forums. My wife and I purchased a 2 week bi-annual/even yrs. fractional ownership in the new Quivira development, which won’t be completed until June 2012^^. We had already spent a week at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach (all expenses paid by PBSB) and it was actually our last day in Cabo, but our flight was cancelled due to Hurricane Irene. We had already checked-out and had to rebook nightly at a cheaper room. We decided to attend the timeshare presentation and ended up becoming members mainly due to the promises that were presented to us during the timeshare presentation. After "11" straight hours of negotiations, we were offered another week in a super presidential suite ($850.00/night) and a credit of what was already charged for the night ($400.00+). We were also given a $1000 certificate for food and beverages, PLUS $200 cash!!!. As part of our contract, we were offered golf at 50% off, free lifetime membership to Pueblo Bonito Premier, 2 yrs membership to The Registry Collection, "Unlimited" weeks at specific resorts+fee upon availability and "four" $149.00 weekly resort stays at specific locations. We were also informed that they were building a supermarket and other structures on site and 2 Jack Nicklaus golf courses by 2013. We were told that if we don’t use the property, they would rent the property for a desirable profit^^. I am really sceptical about all of this now and hope that this is not too good to be true. Is this a new approach to get people to purchase??? I have already contacted my credit card company and verified that there were no additional charges to my account and the hotel charge was credited to my account. Should I be worried???

We too feel like we were scammed by Alberto. Just recently, there was a charge of $299.00 that was deducted from my checking account. I come to find out it was a debit from Pueblo Bonito. So I called them on this and they told me that it was for the premier membership that we had signed up for. I explained to Eddy Childers that we did not agree on this and that I never authorized anything to be deducted out of my credit card, with the exception of the down payments. Then Eddy says that we will be credited back the $299.00. A week later and no credit. So I emailed Mr. Ramirez and he emailed me back with an attachment and a note stating that I did sign an authorization form. When I looked at it, I saw alot of things wrong with it…#1. It was dated December 22, 2012..#2. It looked like the document was altered with the information about the premier membership. So, I emailed him back to told him that the signature is mine, but I felt like everything else was altered. So I demanded that he take a picture of the document, not a photo copy. I haven’t heard back from him as of yet. But late last night, in my husband’s email was a merchant credit receipt for $299. I just checked my account and still no credit. So, I will wait in a few days to see if it will get credited. Now, knowing that they can do this and try to get away with something to me that is illegal, I have written them again to cancel my contract and to reimburse us our full down payment. I have also sent a copy of the email I received from Mr. Ramirez with the attachments to PROFECO. I hope that they to get investigated for wrongdoing. We were also given false information, i.e., 4 bonus weeks to be used at any facilities, rent the place out if we are not using it…After reading all the above comments, I hope something can be done to this company to stop them from cheating hard working people.

This sounds like a variation on our experience with Pueblo Bonito. The property at Sunset Beach is great. We had a great week there. However, the timeshare folks lie through their teeth. If anyone has a valid e-mail address for Eddie (Eddy?) Childers I would love to have it. I’ve tried the one I was given on the phone today and that doesn’t work. I’ve tried a few others and they’ve bounced, too. On the phone the lady I spoke with insisted it was "Eddie". No joy. I’ve tried "Eddy", as in eddychilders1@gemail.com and that hasn’t been returned as bad. So we’ll see.

BTW, the rental options were a selling point in 2006. That hasn’t worked yet and all attempts at communications have been ignored. This time the claim was that they would take a membership in a different timeshare as payment. That hasn’t happened, they won’t answer e-mails and I now have the payment book in hand. If it weren’t for the good experiences we’ve had staying in Mazatlan and Cabo San Lucas I’d blast the whole operation. But, the timeshare people make used car salesmen look like paragons of virtue. Buyer beware.