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In my previous post, I forgot to mention that I also have had chronic palpitations, shortness of breath, fatigue, and neck pain that worsen with movement. Besides the things I mentioned prior, I have also seen a number of specialists including an allergist, endocrinologist, cardiologist, and cardiac electrophysiologist. The cardiac electrophysiologist diagnosed me by saying he felt I was dealing with an autonomic disorder. Although some of my symptoms matched, they all didn’t seem to fit. Anyway, I went to the neurologist in March, and after looking at the MRIs of my cervical spine said all of my symptoms could be directly related to my neck issues. Basically, I have herniations, bone spur complexes, and spinal cord compression. He said the MRI clearly showed that the cerebrospinal fluid is blocked on both sides of my spinal cord because of these issues. The csf bathes the brain as it circulates around the spine and brain. There are other problems of the spine and brain that can cause this not to flow freely as well. For example, a chiari malformation. I was sent to a neurosurgeon who recommended artificial disc replacement at two levels, and he’d also remove the bone spurs. Bottom line, I would strongly suggest anyone with even some of the same symptoms (with or without the palpitations/sob) not only get an MRI of their brain but also their neck. As far as the diagnosis of an autonomic disorder, apparently issues of the cervical spine have been found to cause some autonomic disorders. Here is a link to one article: http://www.nfra.net/fibromyalgia_rosner_6.

I also have had a pulsating noise in my head for 3 1/2 years. I was found to have a cerebral aneurysm pressing on my optic nerve and elected to have it surgically clipped 3 yrs ago this coming Jan 2011. I still have the pulsating noise but not always with a headache. But when the headaches come they are disableing. I just found out that a cardiac med I recently started(digoxin) can cause severe headaches I have been taking it for about 2 months and that this drug is also contrindicated with two other drugs I take. I will get weaned off the drug but probaly will still have headaches as I had them previously to taking it. I am disabled from working at this time due to the fact that I have post aneurysm double vision due to palsy of the nerve in my left eye due to a minor blood loss during surgery. I a grateful that my aneurysm was found the alternative would be death as my aneurysm was large and transparent. My advise to anyone diagnosed with a brain aneurysm is to get to the best doctor and get a second opinion because coiling of a brain aneurysm as appealing as it may sound is not always the way to go. The first doctor I saw was pushing me for a coil. Had I done that I probably would have died on the table due to the transparency of the aneurysm. Secondly coils are not always permanent and by the time you have to have it done again you could have other health issues preventing you from surgery. My recovery was about three months long but worth it not to have it done again. I have been to numerous physicins since to diagnos my pulsating headaches and all they want to do is put a band aid on the problem. I hope all of you find answers and report back because I think we are left to figure this out for ourselves. Now I don’t mind being my own health care advocate but I sure wish doctors would at least in my case stop prescribing medications with side effects equal to or the same as the problems I am already having and then they want to give you another pill to take care of the sie effect and so on. Any thoughts?

I had a full Spine X-ray at the Diagnostic Center. The x-ray was went to my Chiropractor. He explained to me about my x-ray images to address an array of neuromusculoskeletal and general health issues that I am suffering: Dizzy head, buzzing in my ear, crawling feeling crawling in my face and back, tight neck, cold numb fingers and toes, blurry vision. He said my spine from the neck to the cervical spine is not normal and misaligned.If not treated,my sufferings will continue. So, He adjusted my spines. Almost immediately, I feel much better. After 2 days, I am up and about doing my daily activities. I still need to go for more adjustments until my Spine is normal again and later will just go to the Chiropractor for maintenance. I am sharing this with those you have suffered like me. I have been to Medical Doctors, Neuro Surgeons, Massage Therapist and whole lot of other treatments but have not got positive results. I have experienced thsi problem 3 years ago and had gone to see a Chiropractor and got well. But I did not see any Chiropractor since 2 years and now the problem came back.I am so glad I decided to see a Chiropractor who has done a great job in treating me. Not all Chiropractor is good though. If you need to see a Chiropractor, just make sure he has excellent track record with customers and if possible you have a referral. My favorite is Dr. David Moore of Clifton, New Jersey. He graduated from New York Chiropractic College. Those of you near him, I strongly suggest to visit him.

I have to say to you all that you need to insist on having a MRI scan of your spine. My symptoms with the pulse feeling started in my left ear, into my left eye, and years later continued into not only pulse feeling and throbbing but into migraines that would make me incapable of functioning. 5 years this went on and with that being said, medications changed monthly and my condition had gotten so bad I lost weight and was dangerously unhealthy. I was referred to a surgical neurologist, he ordered a MRI to look at my brain, the techs made a mistake that would help change my life for the best. They mistakenly looked at my spine and found a 4 centimeter cyst growing inside my spine between my 4th and 5th vertebrae. Each year it grew my symptoms got worse. I was given new medication for pain management and was scheduled for surgery 2 months later. I had lots of help from a nutritionist to prepare my body for surgery. I was diagnosed having Synovial Cyst. I had Facet injection which is a small needle they use to drain the cyst by aspirating it through the joint. Then they inject it with a steroid to decrease inflammation. I refused to have the other surgery option Decompression with Spine Fusion which is the removal of the cyst and fusion of the L4 and L5 joint because the risk of being paralyzed. Not that it would happen to me but it was a risk I didn’t want to choose. It’s been 13 years, cyst has not grown, symptoms have left my body, and I have to say when someone makes a mistake I always remember that good things can come from that! I wish you all the best and I hope you find my reply on here just in case some of your doctors are making mistakes as well…take care