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Having a home in SW France we use BF for return crossings about 5 times a year, Portsmouth-Caen or Portsmouth-St Malo, and have travelled on several different ferries over the past 12 years. Generally BF provides a reasonable level of service, if pricey, even with Club Voyager membership. On 27 December we boarded the Pont Aven, were directed to our parking space near g gas lol a lift (I am mobility impaired and cannot manage steps) and put our baggage in our cabin before heading for the restaurant. Massive queue and 2-hour waiting time – and the option to sit in the bar and drink expensively till they made a further announcement. The ship was busy but not full. A lot of passengers were electricity usage in the us not happy with this situation. After all, at this point the ship hadn’t even left port. The attitude of the purser and his staff was like it or lump it. Reading other reviews on this site, this seems to be a bit of a recurring theme on the Pont Aven. We went to bed v gas station hungry. In the morning we were at the restaurant before 0600 to give ourselves the chance of a meal before a long journey. We got in, but a lot of people didn’t. The staff closed (I could say almost, barricaded) the restaurant doors against any more would-be diners only half an hour after opening, even though there was plenty of space and still time before disembarking. Great customer service – not…. When we got back to the car deck on arrival gas unlimited houston, what had been an empty lane next to the cars with assistance passengers had been thoughtfully filled with more cars by the deck marshals – nothing like winkling your way into the driving seat with the door open 9 inches. Pont Aven is lauded as BF’s flagship, but it is tired and dirty (was itching all night in the cabin – de-luxe). The two lifts midships by the information desk were out of order. The food smell from the gas x reviews ratings self service restaurant brought to mind the very worst old people’s home. The staff in general seemed to resent the passengers, and the behaviour of some of the restaurant staff was just outrageous – what is going on, BF? I cannot fault your customer service on the bookings line, but all this gets swept away by the experience on the ferry itself. Before Jane of Customer Services invites me to contact them direct, be assured that I have already done so in the fullest detail and look forward to the electricity physics test company’s response.

Dear ‘julietsumner’, I am sorry to hear of your dissatisfaction with certain aspects of your sailing. I understand that the a la carte restaurant was full when you arrived to dine; I can appreciate your gas leak disappointment as you were looking forward to a meal in there. I understand that the staff offered to put you onto a waiting list or to a provide assistance in the self –service restaurant so that you could dine there instead, and I am sorry that you were unhappy with these options. In the morning the a la carte restaurant is only open for a short time, usually an hour and a quarter to help ensure that customers can enjoy their breakfast before having to return to their vehicle for types of electricity pdf disembarkation. I am sorry to hear that had difficulty in returning to your vehicle. The staff on board are happy to offer assistance when made aware. Thank you for your review and for contacting us via customer services, I believe one of my colleagues has already been in touch with you. Kind regards Jane Customer Services Brittany Ferries