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• Gas companies are responsible for ensuring that their equipment leading up to and including the gas meter is installed properly. It is the customer’s (or land-lord’s) responsibility to ensure that all piping and equipment inside the home is working properly.

• All gas appliances must be provided with a supply of fresh air. Operating a gas appliance without a sufficient supply of fresh air can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. Refer to the manufacturer’s installation and operating instructions for more information on how to safely operate your gas appliances.

• Space heaters and gas logs should be installed in accordance with local building codes and manufacturer’s instructions and specifications. Read all manufacturer’s instructions, warnings and warranties carefully. Only qualified, licensed service personnel should install and service your space heater and gas logs.

• If your current space heater does not have an oxygen depletion safety shut-off, you should replace it with a model that does contain this safety feature, if possible. This device will automatically shut off your space heater if oxygen levels become unsafe. Space heaters installed on carpet, linoleum or tile may require a metal plate or stoveboard to be installed underneath the unit. If required by the manufacturer, the metal plate needs to meet manufacturer’s specifications for thickness, and needs to extend the full width and depth of the heater.

• Space heaters and gas logs are HOT during operation. People, clothing, furniture and other combustible items should be kept away from space heaters and gas logs at all times. Also, any guard installed or recommended by the manufacturer should ALWAYS remain in place during operation. Only qualified, licensed service professionals should install and service your space heater.

• Always follow the manufacturer’s specifications, and never cover any openings or alter the space heater‘s cabinet in any way. You should contact a qualified, licensed service professional for recommendations on how to provide and maintain sufficient fresh air to your space heater and gas logs.

• Each year, a licensed, qualified gas service provider should inspect your space heater before it is used. It is recommended that you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the proper maintenance, cleaning and service of these appliances.

• Even in the cleanest homes, the air moving through a space heater carries lint and dust. Lint and dust may clog the air intakes for the burner, pilot light, and combustion chamber if they are allowed to build up. Lint build-up at the burner intake can cause the improper combustion of natural gas and produce carbon monoxide. If you notice lint build-up, contact a qualified, licensed heating contractor or service representative and have your equipment cleaned.

• When properly adjusted, a space heater should burn with a blue flame. If the flame is orange or yellow, stop using the space heater and contact a qualified, licensed service professional immediately. The color of the burner flame for gas logs can vary depending on the brand, style and use of gas logs. Therefore, it is important that the operation of gas logs be checked regularly by a qualified, licensed service professional to ensure that they are functioning properly.