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Clean up to 1,800 square meters in an hour, and up to five times faster than with a conventional broom with the S 650 push sweeper. Cleaning pavement, roads and courtyards right up to the edges has never been easier. The Kärcher S 650 makes sweeping easy and without the strain – with the two-stage height adjustment feature, you can adapt the sweeper to suit you. The Kärcher S 650 is also kind to your back – weighing just 11kg, this machine is comfortable to use with little physical effort, and the fold down push handle makes it simple to store in your home or garage. The Kärcher S 650 has a 16-litre on-board waste container, making for easy and efficient cleaning even in windy weather. The S 650’s waste container also makes it simple to empty, saving you from the dirt as well. The Kärcher S 650 side broom spins in conjunction with the push mechanism of the sweeper, making it easy to clear debris up against walls or curbs. Features and Benefits of the Kärcher S 650 Sweeper Two side brushes Stand-up waste container Comfortable carry handle

Good Product for Low Maintenance Jobs I was very excited to get this product, however the excitement was superseded by the amount of time this took to put together. It may not be hard for those who are familiar with assembling products, but it took hours for my partner and I to figure out since the directions are bare bones. We had to revert to You-Tube to finally figure it out. Once it was put together it was pretty neat. I love that it’s human powered, rather than gas or electric, making it an environmentally friendly and useful product. Literally, you can use this anywhere. It’s lightweight and the compartment holds quite a bit of debris. I have large oak trees, and while it picks up the smaller leaves, the larger ones generally got thrown out the sides by the sweepers. If you have small jobs, this is a fantastic product! With larger jobs, this may end up being a little more work than something with purchased power (electrical, gas, etc.). I likely would have rated this 4 stars if it weren’t for all the stress of putting it together.

I’m a believer! I was a skeptic at first with regards to the "power" of this product. It came unassembled, however, the directions were clear and it only took approximately 10 minutes to assemble. Since I assembled it in our house and we have tile floors, I decided to test it out on our tile floor first. I had only made 2 or 3 passes on the floor before checking the canister for any dirt/debris it collected (not anticipating much). I could not believe the dog hair (we have a small rat terrier mix) and fine particles it picked up. I then moved the S650 outside to utilize it what it was actually meant for and into the garage and on the leaf-blown sidewalks. Again, the S650 was amazing picking up sand particles and other debris and much quicker and easier than any push broom out there. While unassuming due to is size, the S650 was easy to push and would be great particularly for elderly. The S650 is very light weight, which is great for hanging up off the floor and on to a wall hook in a garage or shed. Amazing non-gas powered product.