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I went on the Communism and Nuclear Bunker Tour today. The meeting point in the Art Passage near the Old Town Square was very easy to find. As I stood electricity voltage in china waiting for the guide to arrive I imagined an intense, bearded history boffin in his late 60s with a personal experience of living in community Czechoslovakia leading us for the b games basketball morning. I was then surprised when a bouncing and smiling Katerina arrived and said she’d be our guide. Katerina’s introduction to the tour started with the formation of Czechoslovakia in 1918 with the declaration of independence from the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Munich agreement and occupation, the years of the Second World War, and, of course, the years of the Soviet bloc. The tour made its way through the Old Town electricity hair stand up with stops at the former headquarters of Státní bezpečnost (StB; State Security). Katerina noted the StB’s favoured methods of interrogation, torture telephone tapping, and forced confessions to repress so-call subservice activities. We walk past the monument gas bubbler of the events of 1989 that formed the beginning of the Velvet Revolution and the end of some 41 years of communist/Soviet rule. In Wenceslas Square, Katerina discusses some of the figures who played significant roles in the communist era. We learn about Alexander Dubček, and the period of his Prague Spring liberal reforms in 1968 that displeased the Soviets to such an extent that they sent the tanks and commenced an occupation grade 6 science electricity multiple choice test. The story of Jan Palach’s self-immolation in 1969 in protest against the Soviet invasion is tragic. We hear gas leak los angeles of Václav Havel’s speech from a hotel balcony in front of hundreds of thousands of people jingling their keys. After a short tram ride to Žižkov, we arrive at the nuclear bunker. Any doubt that we had arrived at a bunker was put to rest by the site of tiny Katerina wrestling a 6-tonne door z gas ensenada telefono open to allow our descent down six flights of stairs. The bunker is a powerful piece of time travel. It’s a living reminder of the extent to which the world in the 1950s and 1960s feared nuclear confrontation. The bunker is full of the costumes, equipment and reading material of the era. It’s a very interesting place to visit if you have even a smidgeon of interest in modern Eastern European and Cold War history. Katerina is able to give all manner of facts gas tax oregon and figures about the bunker that give a sense of how miserable the conditions would have been had it needed to be used. The tour ends with a trip back to Wenceslas Square. We travelled in, very appropriately, a tram from the 1950s. Throughout gas bloating frequent urination the tour, Katerina was enthusiastic, friendly and informative. She left her first professional career to work in tourism by choice. Her energy and intelligence make her a natural. I need not have worried electricity physics ppt about our guide not having a personal experience of the communist/Velvet Revolution period. Katerina proudly told us that she was present in front of the hotel balcony when Havel and Dubček addressed the crowds in 1989. Admittedly, she was a one-year-old and in the arms of her parents, but, hey, she played her small role in revolution and freedom. The Communist and Nuclear Bunker tour is fun and informative. It’s well worth doing if you are interested in history or just gas cap code curious about what a nuclear bunker might look like.